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    2.75 3 starsI decided to pick this book up after watching Zodiac which was completely enthralling, however this was not the case for this book.The book was definitely well researched as it contains information from various sources,witnesses and reports.The book goes into extreme detail which was interesting at times but most of the time, it was just too much.It feels as if Robert Graysmith just dumped all of his findings into the book without editing anything.Some of the details feel completely irrelevant or miniscule enough to leave out, like the fact the witness was wearing a watch or how their hair looked.The massive loads of information dumps made the book incredibly hard to read at times and nearly put me to sleep Zodiacis a short enough book but I really did find it hard to sift through this,I kept telling myself I d read but most days I couldn t force myself to pick up the book again.I constantly found myself zoning out, despite the gripping facts but they were presented in such a boring manner as the important aspects of the book, were attached to plenty of irrelevant facts.The mystery of the Zodiac himself was intriguing along with his numerous letters and writings.The rare photographs inside of the book were interesting and I enjoyed examining them.The book did get exciting when it came to the two main suspects who act in peculiar ways.I much preferred the film to this, this could have been a great book if it was edited better and the writing was adjusted.

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    Let s say you re a serial killer Now let s say what gets you off than anything except your killings, is to taunt the cops with letters that mock their inability to catch you You, of course, do not want to be caught, but there is always the possibility Now let s say you just happen to work at a famous newspaper, one of the papers to which you like to send your letters How lucky for you, or how wonderfully designed, because as a member at the paper you are insinuated into the investigation, giving you access to evidence and the actual police working on the case Now let s say you re an artist An artist who is capable of duplicating the killer s writing if you want No one will later suspect when you figure out how the killer writes his cryptograms But then you take it a step further and announce you are going to write the definitive book on the killer Suddenly you have even evidence being heaped in your lap, and now you are able to fix many of the mistakes of the police No one would possibly suspect you Now you want everyone to know who you ve killed, so you reveal all your victims in the book, suggesting that they are possible victims while knowing they are far than possible How marvelously taunting, and how much superior does it make you than the police But it gets better Now that you are writing the book, you can talk to the police, in every county, about their suspects, and you can choose the suspect they most like and speculate at will about that suspect s guilt, fully deflecting the investigation from yourself while you gleefully go on with your life, writing about yourself and your life s great work until Hollywood comes knocking and asks to make a movie of not just your obsessive killing life but your obsessive writing life Everything that you ve written, the fiction of you and the fact of your killings, is now being made by one of Hollywood s greatest living directors, and unbeknownst to him or anyone else you are the killer It is the ultimate joke The ultimate gag The ultimate mystery And you can now die as the most famous uncaught serial killer since Jack the Ripper or is that Walter Sickert.Now wouldn t that be something

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    It s sad to say that I dnf d this with 40 pages left 40 pages left and I couldn t be bothered to finish I think the reason why is because there isn t an ending We all know the Zodiac was never caught so why am I intruiged to know how it ends I mean it had a promising start It was gripping, detailed, talked about victims and the letters But like halfway through it started to get dull No suspects had been announced Most letters were being credited as hoaxes There were no victims I had half the book to go and it seemed like I was going to be stuck getting a ton of detective insider drama But then the end We finally got a plausible suspect named but then it turned into name dropping This person knew this person who knew this person who thinks this person is the zodiac So I slowly lost interest And then you get like 20 pages of the codes and the ciphers and the symbols and then it just started to sound like those illuminati theories She drank chocolate milk on the 3rd day of the month and a man in blue jeans bought chocolate at a grocery store on the 23rd of the month so clearly they re connected It was so far fetched And then follow that up with 10 pages of names and dates of people who died who may or may not be victims of zodiac I had to stop after this I wasn t having it It just got too boring and conspiracy theory for me to deal with Graysmith just started rambling and grasping at straws I admire his dedication but it seems a little too much, like he was hiding something or trying to cover something else up.

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    Things to keep in mind before you read this 1 Have you seen the movie Because going by reviews here, if you see the movie first, you won t like the book I suspect because people can t grasp the idea that the movie can get away with in the name of entertainment than something sitting on the True Crime shelves can This is true crime, not fiction based on a real event Also, the movie covers things in the author s real life, which the book isn t about to do They re just different Stop being that person who disparages a book because of a movie, or vice versa They can all be good and different How did I even get on a rant Next 2 Every bit of non fiction has biases Anyone dedicating enough of their time to write a book on a topic will be biased in some ways in all cases Anyone dedicating so much time to a murder case that their wife leaves them over it is going to be crazy biased Just keep that in mind before reading any non fiction, especially True Crime.3 This is about the victims The Zodiac killer was never caught, so it s not like we have interviews with him, or a diary, or other evidence from his home There are the letters, but those are meticulously designed for the public by the killer, so those only say so much What this means is that a book about the Zodiac killer is a book about the victims We get background about them, especially the early victims, and what can be pieced together from the crime scenes But note that this isn t a book where you can learn about how a serial killer ticks because he is never caught Everything in that vein is guesswork It s still very interesting to go over the evidence, but keep in mind what you re getting into Lots of detail about the victims actions the evenings in question, and then some guesswork about their actual deaths.Ok, you cool with those three and are still here This entire case is fascinating The beginning of this book starts slow due to the aforementioned talking about victims, but I ended up getting through the last 2 3rds in a sitting, so it gets going after a bit By far the most interesting aspect of this case are the letters Zodiac sends to newspapers I was mostly on audiobook, so I don t know if the book proper has photos, but if not, or you are also on audiobook, be sure to check out the photos of the letters book is pretty heavy handed with minor details that aren t important, but I chalked that up to being forced to tell a story when the author doesn t have most of it And he s not a writer I still enjoyed it all a lot, but it isn t always a super smooth read Again, not an author He only has half a story, if that And it s in True Crime, so he can t just make up mess to fill in the gaps Though I will admit to a couple of what That s too coincidental before reminding myself that this all actually happened Life is insane.The largest problem I have with the book, which I enjoyed and recommend, is the last 20ish percent I mentioned biases previously Our author has some extremely strong biases against a particular suspect that he goes full ham on in the last portion of the book That the suspect was never charged should tell you immediately that the evidence isn t as strong as the author is making it out to be That the suspect died a few years after this book came out and there wasn t any evidence in his house after hurts the author s case even But Other than that, it s a strong book I obviously can t tell you if anything in it is accurate, but I m not reading it in order to attempt to solve the case I m just here to read about one of the most interesting serial killers in US history Yes, Maximus I was quite entertained.

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    Would you believe that I was unfamiliar with the Zodiac killer until last week I mean I knew that there was a serial killer who went by the name, but I didn t know anything at all about the details of the murders or the killer himself I had never even seen the movie I think that this ignorance kind of benefited me I skimmed some of the other reviews for this book, and I see a lot of complaints about the fact that Graysmith included every single detail But I didn t even notice this My not knowing anything at all about this case allowed me to get caught up in the stories of these killings, and I thought it was a fascinating look at a very disturbed and disturbing person, and the mystery of it kept me enthralled I did end up seeing the movie after I finished the book, and while I think that the movie was good, I still prefer the book I liked how the movie gave Graysmith a bit of humanity a family who was affected by his obsession with the case, but I think that it made other changes that I didn t like not explaining a lot of the details and connections, and jumping huge gaps of time, and not going into the family details of the main suspect they had I liked the level of detail in the book and felt that there was a lot missing from the movie But judging each on their own, both are good just in different ways I do think that listening to the audio helped though I was completely immersed in the book, and there were times when I would sit in the car listening to the book because I wasn t quite ready to turn it off I was just fascinated I really enjoyed it, as crazy as that may be If I had one criticism, it would be the layout of the book It kind of jumped around in time and going back to murders etc which does make sense as connections were made and info was pieced together but it was a little confusing at times But mostly, I was just completely fascinated by this.

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    God That was a slog I didn t like this one Zodiac isn t a bad book its just incredibly dry I like a little story with my facts but Robert Graysmith is all facts This happened on this date to this person and here are some Zodiac letters I stopped caring about this book about 30 pages in but I continued because I thought that it might get better It never did I m giving Zodiac 2 Stars instead of 1 Star because I don t think its a terrible book its just mind numbingly boring.

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    Very intriguing My full review will be up on my booktube channel at

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    The facts of the Zodiac case are like the worst urban legends sprung to life As any true crime fanatic knows, real life is where the real nightmares come from and boy, did Zodiac make many nightmares reality He was the hooded executioner who tied up and pretended to rob a young couple, then came back to stab them over and over in front of each other, throwing their money and car keys back at them before leaving He rigged single women s cars so that their batteries would run down or their tires would fall off and they would innocently look to him for assistance He ambushed unsuspecting couples on Lover s Lanes and took a full cab ride only to shoot the driver on his way out He called 911 to report his own murders He s everything campfire tales are made of, except he was real.Robert Graysmith, the San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist who was on staff at the time of the killings and who became obsessed with the case after the Zodiac letters started arriving at the paper, does a good job of narrating the who, what, and where of the crimes As the fantastic Fincher film based on this book shows, investigating the case consumed Graysmith for over a decade Some of his amateur sleuthing produces smart insights, such as the idea that Zodiac must have traced the block characters that made up his ciphers over some kind of grid, because no human naturally writes so straight, and perhaps this means that all of Zodiac s handwriting was traced on a projector and is not his at all.But some of the connections Graysmith makes lead you to doubt the legitimacy of other theories simply because he seems like such a crazy Was Zodiac being unconsciously dominated by the moon I don t know, Robert Are you It is also true that Graysmith gives way too much detail about things that have no relevance to the case At one point, he lists about two full pages worth of deaths and suspected homicides in the general vicinity in the years since the last known Zodiac activity and asserts that these murders could be potentially attributed to the Zodiac One of the deaths listed is a strychnine poisoning, which is nowhere near as personal or as terroristic as the Zodiac s MO Of course someone who is compelled to kill won t appear to stop killing unless they re institutionalized, dead, or in prison, but I think it s much likely that the Zodiac was institutionalized, dead, or in prison than responsible for all of the unsolved murders in his part of California Graysmith s good when he sticks to the known facts and relating his plausible ideas, but the rest of this book is iffy.

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    I was a little hesitant to read this book because I tried watching the film when it first came out and it bored me so much that it put me to sleep I m glad to say that the book is the total opposite and I just couldn t turn the pages fast enough to absorb all the absolutely fascinating and yet terrifying information about this case It s incredibly interesting to see all the facts laid out and the story is even chilling and disturbing because nothing was ever solved and he could still be out there somewhere

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    I picked this up because I enjoyed the movie version and thought I d investigate the truth behind the Hollywoodization that is SO a word.I found this book very interesting, despite its somewhat uneven tone It s quite dry in places but, hey, it s journalism not fiction, so I m not expecting it to be Dickens.Ultimately, though, due to the fact that the Zodiac killer was never caught, it kind of peters out at the end, leaving one feeling rather unsatisfied Still, I m glad I read it.