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This was interesting and an impressively detailed account of the Dick murder, but overall I got the feeling that the author was making a mountain out of a molehill Well, maybe a mountain out of a mogul of the skiing variety The murder itself seems to have been rather uninteresting. A Fresh And Fascinating Look At The Evelyn Dick Murder Trial And The Intriguing Mystery Of Her DisappearanceThe Torso Murder Trial Of Young Attractive Evelyn Dick Grabbed Headlines In And Her Husband John S Head And Limbs Had Been Sawed From His Body And Burned Up In Her Furnace After She Was Sentenced To Hang, Up And Coming Lawyer JJ Robinette Appealed Her Case, Won Her A New Trial And Then An Acquittal But, When Police Found The Decayed Remains Of Evelyn S Newborn Baby Encased In Cement In A Suitcase In Her Attic, The Best Robinette Could Do For Her Was A Manslaughter Conviction And Eleven Years In PrisonEvelyn Dick Was Released With A New Identity In Since Then, Rumors, Stories And Sightings Have Abounded Where Did She Go And What Happened To Her Writer Producer Brian Vallee, After Crisscrossing The Country, Conducting Several Dozen Interviews And Tirelessly Researching Old Newspaper Files And Thousands Of Pages Of Transcripts And Police Reports, Answers Many Of The Questions That Surround This Mysterious Case The Result Is A Lively, Spine Tingling Account Of The Case Itself And Evelyn Dick S Surprising New Life With Much Of The Material Never Before Published, The Torso Murder Is A Captivating, Chilling True Story Like many other readers, I m a former Hamiltonian from the East End Many of the locations associated with Evelyn Dick s life and crimes were essential in my backyard That added a layer of interest to the story for me But, that being said, this is just a mediocre true crime book The author recounts the trials in great detail and even speculates on what may have happened, but the book isn t particularly gripping In some points, notably near the end of the section covering the trials, it gets a bit boring There are a few images included in the book Some are of incredibly poor quality I know that the author was working from old newspaper photos, but a blurry photo of a all but faceless crowd probably should have been left out of the book Nonetheless, as a true crime fan and a former East End Hamiltonian, I did like reading about Evelyn Dick. Very good if you like true crime drama written like a fiction novel. Havent read this book in a long time but I remember really enjoying it since it happened so close to home Makes it a little eerie what you know where the locations are I intend to read this one again in the near future. This was a great read The story originally unfolded in the mid 1940s in Ontario, and the province is still buzzing about it to this day The story starts when a man s torso is found on a hillside by some kids out to roast weenies, and suspicion quickly falls on his wife of just a few days The story is full of bizarre elements and unlikely twists, and as a little added fillip, the prime suspect talks like a character out of a ten cent noir mystery novel Not to be missed. Synopsis the trial of Evelyn Dick grabbed headlines in Hamilton and across Canada in the late 1940s Her husband s torso was all that was found.