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Shortlisted For Waterstones Book Of The Year The Penguin Classics Book Is A Reader S Companion To The Largest Library Of Classic Literature In The WorldSpanning , Years From The Legends Of Ancient Mesopotamia To The Poetry Of The First World War, With Greek Tragedies, Icelandic Sagas, Japanese Epics And Much In Between, It Encompasses Authors And , Books, Bringing These To Life With Lively Descriptions, Literary Connections And Beautiful Cover Designs This book is fantastic a book by book illustrated look at every Penguin Classics issued The author also annotates every entry This is not a bibliography and it will not show or list every edition published However, there are representative illustrations for most of the classics and it allows the reader to see the evolution of Classic covers from the color coded 1930s to the black spine editions to the fanciful editions of the 1970s and beyond Apparently there will be a companion volume for Penguin Modern Classics. My bookshelves teem with years of collecting Penguin Classic books This beautiful and insightful book covers the vast world of Penguin Classic books All areas of the world are covered Looking at the covers of the precious Penguin Classic books is an educational experience not to be missed Penguin books made the process of putting great literature into an inexpensive paperback format This innovation in published history revolutionized the way books were offered to the reading public A great collectible book for all literature lovers This stunning volume makes a great Christmas gift Love this book Great overview of the global classics This has turned me on to some excellent books.