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If the law is of such a nature that it requires you to be an agent of injustice to another then I say break the law So wrote the young Henry David Thoreau in 1849 Three years earlier Thoreau had put his belief into action and refused to pay taxes because of the United States government's involvement in the Mexican War which Thoreau firmly believed was unjust For his daring and unprecedented act of protest he was thrown in jail The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail is a celebrated dramatic presentation of this famous act of civil disobedience and its consequences Its poignant lively and accessible scenes offer a compelling exploration of Thoreau's philosophy and life

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    There are days when I am not fit to be a teacher and today is one of them I had a 135 hour day yesterday and this one may be longer My English 11 class finished reading this play this morning One female pronounced it gay and said it sucked A male student declared it pointless Again there are some days I just am not fit to be a teacher Despite my displeasure I gathered enough professionalism to encourage discussion on the the writers' purpose and to discourage the use of the word gay as a demeaning adjective There were perhaps a handful out of the class of 20 who will take something away from this play which I found to be an excellent portrayal of HDT's views and an excellent look at what nonconformity means looks like and often results in There is seldom any kind of immediate positive feedback in teaching I have yet to have a current student thank me for the lessons I prepare the learning I assess But I do have those who come back and offer their gratitude as well as acknowledgement that teachers really do know what they are talking about So I will wait and hope that some of what I do for these students will rub off and hope for that delayed learning that is teenage experience

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    35While reading it as opposed to watching it may have lessened some of the play's magic I still loved the portrayal of Thoreau and agreed with many aspects of his philosophy A great introduction to TranscendentalismAlso I will remember this line forever I hereby excommunicate you from the Milky Way Ha ha

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    I have a very torn relationship with Thoreau He's presented as the Father of Transcendentalism and someone worth admiring I still remember sitting in my high school class learning that Thoreau wasn't as true to his recount of isolationism by Walden as he stated in his work That he still went out into the world and still fed off of his family and society during that time That said now that I'm an adult I don't completely see him for the phony I once wrote him off as However I will always feel a little skeptical of who he was After reading this I'd like to believe that Thoreau would possibly prefer thatThis play has a foreword basically idolizing Thoreau's existence It kicks off on a note that is very direct and blunt about the playwrights' intentions It made me worried I was in for something I didn't want and considering I'm so late to actually reading this as it wasn't part of our assigned reading back when I originally studied Transcendentalism I wasn't sure how disconnected I'd feel from that overall point Regardless of if Thoreau was the man the playwrights fantasized about the Thoreau in this play along with his relationship to his brother the lamenting chorus of his mother and his apolitical view of what was his modern world was charming and humorous I found myself laughing out loud at the clever jokes and I enjoyed the way the scenes transitioned in and out of Thoreau's time in his cell with Bailey to his life events around his arrest Thoreau the character was wacky sardonic and separate But he was so in ways that made his philosophical differences with his world funny to witness and believable This definitely made me miss the days of reading and watching stage plays come to life

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    wowWHAT A PLAYWe love without knowing it A man or a woman can't love on schedule I don't wake up in the morning and say 'I shall start loving at nine twenty and continue until ten fifteen' Yes it is accidental And it's everywhere it's the wind the tide the waves the sunshineI hereby EXCOMMUNICATE YOU FROM THE MILKY WAY

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    The text of the play has no acts or scenes There are stage directions which indicate that there are multiple sets or blended sets on stage at the same time I looked on YouTube and saw a bit of how the play may be enacted That helpedIn this play I came across the same problem I keep running into with Thoreau How can we as a society act out all the great ideals that Thoreau espoused? Unfortunately no new suggestions or awarenesses as provided in this play I have a sense that Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee make some fun of Thoreau and of Emerson If I am wronglimited in my understanding of the play please direct me where to look in the play

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    Kinda boring read for a class

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    Love Thoreau Love used book treasure finds Love a good play 19th century civil disobedience infused with the voice of the 70s

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    noice smort

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    In this play Thoreau is jailed for refusing to pay taxes because he doesn't want his money to support the MexicanAmerican war The play takes from Thoreau's work and combines many years in the passing of a single night as he converses with his cell mate and has flashbacks about other times in his life The quote that is the center of the work is If the law is of such a nature that it requires you to be an agent of injustice to another then I say break the law The play was originally published in 1971 during a time of unrest in the United States due to the Viet Nam war minority rights movements and the women's rights movement I think it is a work that should be revived for another generation to ponder

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    Snagged from the English dept book room because it's on the approved list for grade 11 This is an easy read and could supply the half conscious reader with enough support for writing on Thoreau and his ilk I especially enjoyed the humor and the way the authors drew clear parallels between two unpopular wars Mexico and Vietnam I also found the conflict with Emerson interesting Emerson a thinker too timid to rock the boat Thoreau a man determined to go his own way and be himself This is a good addition to a unit on the American Transcendentalists