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The mullet cut is a style in which the hair is short at the front coupled with a long mane at the back Popular in the 1980s entering the zeitgeist and becoming the hairstyle to have the mullet is now in decline The authors examine all areas of the phenomenon from mullets in pop to advertising

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    From mullethead Jeff in the 2001 psychological horror film Session 9 to the iconic phrase business in the front party in the backthe mullet hairstyle was a staple of the 80's and although it has died down considerably here in Canada it's making a huge comeback with hockey playing teenagers everywhere The Mullet Hairstyle of the Gods is a hilarious look at this pop culture phenomenon including comedic pictures and trivia you might not expect

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    A few hilarious pages such as Mullet Cuisine featuring the Twinkiemisu and a comparison chart of Devil Dogs Hostess Cupcakes Yodels and other hyperlipidemic nightmares The history on mullets is uite interesting and the medieval tale of William of Cyrus aka Billy Ray Cyrus is brilliant Kudos to the authors for including pics of Limahl and Andre Agassi who admittedly made mullets fantastic Would've liked a pic of Duran Duran in there too

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    I mean I've got the right hair for it

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    Katie I think that post all the Bret Michaels Pics this is overly appropriate thoughts????

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    Takes me right back to junior year Those hockey players sure were hotkinda like Bristol's baby daddy HA HAHA HA HA SOOOOOO glad I don't live in AK any Thank you jeebus