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This Classic Guide, From The Renowned Novelist And Professor, Has Helped Transform Generations Of Aspiring Writers Into Masterful Writersand Will Continue To Do So For Many Years To Come John Gardner Was Almost As Famous As A Teacher Of Creative Writing As He Was For His Own Works In This Practical, Instructive Handbook, Based On The Courses And Seminars That He Gave, He Explains, Simply And Cogently, The Principles And Techniques Of Good Writing Gardners Lessons, Exemplified With Detailed Excerpts From Classic Works Of Literature, Sweep Across A Complete Range Of Topicsfrom The Nature Of Aesthetics To The Shape Of A Refined Sentence Written With Passion, Precision, And A Deep Respect For The Art Of Writing, Gardners Book Serves By Turns As A Critic, Mentor, And Friend Anyone Who Has Ever Thought Of Taking The Step From Reader To Writer Should Begin Here

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    Okay, first the negatives Mr Gardner is was a hard core literary snob He has no use for pornography , horror, science fiction, romance, or anything like that, and at times seems to view the whole purpose of writing as an extension of the practice of philosophy than as either an art or a craft.However, within that context he still has a lot of good advice that any writer, including what Gardner would describe as a trash writer, would do well to consider His chapters on fiction as the art of producing a credible dream like state in the reader are right on target, and his discussion of the roots of various types of fiction the short story, the folkloric tale, etc are highly edifying His Helen of Troy example of step by step story building could be used to add depth and complexity to even the most straightforward of genre tales.Overall, I must give hearty approval to this book, even though I feel sure that the author would not give hearty approval to me

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    This is no easy read especially for a non native speaker like me , but it s worth the troubles As some other reviewer mentioned the language doesn t really flow, but this in part due to the deepness of thought contained in each paragraph You can t just scan this book in some hours like other books on creative writing I ve skimmed through only by reading carefully and slowly as I was obliged to by my lack of English fluency you will enjoy Gardner s artistic sensitivity All right, he is a literary snob as someone wrote but there are too many others who make art look like something that can easily be described with some simple recipes Gardner s true love for literature shows in every sentence and it s probably exactly his meaning of literary truth that makes him difficult to read sometimes Other books I ve read on the topic left me with a feeling of oversimplification, of missing the point by showing just the surface of the literary process The art of fiction provides what its title promisses an inspiring introduction to the ART of WRITING And this means that this is neither another book on the theory of literature nor some Reader s Digest like How to write a novel in ten steps but a book on the THEORY of WRITING I do not know of any other book that shows the literary process in such a sensitive way If you re offended by the word theory, know that the exercices at the end of the book are extremely helpful and intelligent They shed light on practical AND conceptual problems and possibilities you maybe wouldn t have thought of without doing them Great book.

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    This book contained some fascinating insights into the art of writing fiction, but frankly, I thought it was written very poorly I did not flow at all and read much like some of the worst textbooks I ve seen He obviously has read a wide variety of books, but he assumes the reader is familiar with them.I think this may be a good book for English majors or experienced writers, but not for young writers For us young and inexperienced writers, he talks above our heads.Even the style can scare a person away He writes in the style of John Smith and others who could fit maybe one paragraph on a page It s just not conducive to digesting the material.In short, if you re a young writer, go trying Writing Fiction Step By Step by Josip Novakovich or something like that But experienced writers, you may enjoy this.

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    It is true that this book should perhaps not have been entitled, Notes on Craft for Young Writers There is meat enough here to engage the full intellectual appetite of a professor of literary criticism On the other hand, there s also a lot for the young and inexperienced by way of direction If the instruction is sometimes abstract, it always points a direction by example and suggested reading I don t think Gardner is a literary snob He is straightforward at the beginning about his target audience It doesn t include pornographers, but he gives several examples of his precepts from many other genres, including science fiction I suppose there are books out there for pornographers if they need them Gardner is trying to nurture the next Dostoyevski.

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    Like one of the other reviewers, I came to this book as a devotee of Gardner s fictional works Other reviewers who complain that Gardner is exacting, demanding, and challenging are correct Yet these traits enhance rather than detract from the work I believe that Gardner is correct in stating that excellent writing is difficult to achieve As for the many literary references, I felt not discouraged, but encouraged to sample unfamiliar authors and improve my own sensibilities In sum, Gardner has inspired me to begin my first novel, and I am certain that I will find his writing bible indispensible.

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    Although there are accessible books on writing available, nevertheless _The Art of Fiction_ is one of the finest Gardner goes beyond discussing plot, scene, character development, and dialog indeed, he forces one to think about how words fit together on a page and synthesizes the so called elements of story writing His advice reveals the true difficulty of creating an excellent story, but he encourages one to struggle through them Especially helpful are the mind bending exercises at the back of the book _The Art of Fiction_ was an epiphany for my writing and for me.