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Good thoughtful review of the events and evidence regarding the Lindbergh baby kidnapping There is much to doubt in this case. Amazing EPub, The Airman And The Carpenter Author Ludovic Kennedy This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Airman And The Carpenter, Essay By Ludovic Kennedy Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You While it definitely has a great amount of detail on the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping, the title of the book Framing of Richard Hauptman shows the bias of the author who obviously claims the gentleman charged with the kidnapping and murder of the Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh s infant son was innocent Perhaps he was I wish this book offered evidence and less opinion as I finished the 430 page book not sure who committed the crime of the century and what Hauptman s role was He definitely did not see justice and have a fair defense, but I don t really know what happened back in the 1930s after reading this work. Crime of the Century is a new look at the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby Although it is does present a good case that Hauptmann may have been innocent, and it does read like a solid investigative case unfolding, it isn t as gripping as it could be If you read this and kind of like it, go read Erik Larson s Devil in the White City next.NC As always with Ludovic Kennedy s cold case explorations, the reader shouldn t expect too much by way of authorial impartiality This is a self confessedly partisan portrayal of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, with Kennedy declaring up front that his objective is to exonerate Bruno Richard Hauptmann, the man who went to the chair for the Crime of the Century Be prepared, then, for a certain amount of finger wagging, not to say sermonizing, from Ludo, whose occupation of the moral high ground takes on the heroic aspect of Hillary s assault on Everest at times But what an Everest of bullshit he has to scale The prosecution s case was bolstered with the flimsiest of eyewitness testimony including the evidence of one legally blind man who identified a vase of flowers from ten feet away as a lady s hat , some debatable forensic evidence concerning the authorship of the ransom notes and the origins of the wood used to make the ramshackle ladder found at the crime scene, and, preponderantly, a surfeit of emotionalism and playing to the gallery, backed up by an hysterical press campaign against the immigrant German carpenter in the dock Kennedy has a fine time exposing the trail of dirty tricks played against Hauptmann by a nakedly partisan police force and, at times, a defence team which seemed as keen as the prosecution to bury any evidence tending to demonstrate the defendant s innocence.So was Hauptmann innocent Even Ludo can t quite prove it to be so The mysterious Isidor Fisch, Bruno s crooked business partner who allegedly left the ransom money for the Hauptmanns to look after before inconveniently dying of consumption back home in Germany, almost certainly held the key to the truth of the case Without his testimony, we ll simply never know However, all Kennedy really has to do, as the self appointed sympathetic defence counsel Hauptmann never got, is cast enough doubt on the conviction to render it unsafe and this he than manages. Flights of fancy from a British writer who believes that Bruno Hauptmann did not kidnap the Lindbergh baby A large part of defense seems to rest on sheer animus for Lindbergh himself. Convincingly argued throughout. KennedyThis is a question of What If What if Bruno Richard Hauptman was actually telling the truth about where he obtained the kidnapping money What if the notorious 16th Rail was, as some claim, planted evidence What if Hauptman had nothing to do with the kidnapping and the death of the Lindbergh baby Facts not in dispute are as follows Hauptman had about a third of the ransom money Hauptman bought gas with a bill from the ransom and was thus identified Someone passed about 2,980 of the money at a bank and was never caught or identified Both JFC and Lindbergh said they recognized Hauptman as Cemetery John No fingerprints of Hauptman were found on the ladder or the ransom letters Modern computer analysis of the ransom notes and Hauptman s writing sample show that Hauptman did not write the notesThis book explores the crime, the search for the kidnappers, the arrest, trial, and execution of Hauptman, and the actions of Lindbergh himself Lindbergh was very much in control of the investigation The only thing the authorities were able to do was to make the ransom money rather easy to track Even here they were stymied a bit when JFC, with a stated purpose of saving Lindbergh money, failed to give the kidnapper s the portion of the money made up of 50 gold certificates The 50 bills would have been easily traced Was Lindbergh, newly minted National Hero, given so much leeway on the case as to cause an innocent man to go to the electric chair Was Lindbergh, a proponent of a pure race, guilty of having his child murdered because the child was a tad slow Where was the rest of the money, since Hauptman, a speculator on the stock market, did not spend the cash These are arguments that will never be answered What happened has gone down in History and cannot be changed But I do believe that there was than enough reasonable doubt for Hauptman to be found not guilty I give the book four stars Quoth the Raven