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आफ्नो पहिलो आख्यान पानीको घामका लागि पद्मश्री सम्मान प्राप्त गरेका अमर न्यौपानेको दोस्रो उपन्यास सेतो धरती एक बालविधवाको दर्दनाक कथा हो । यसमा मुख्य पात्र ‘तारा’ ले अठहत्तर वर्षको उमेरमा जन्मदेखिको आफ्नो विडम्बनापूर्ण कथा भनेकी छन् । नेपालमा ठूलो भुइँचालो आएको वर्ष ‘नब्बे साल’ बाट आरम्भ भएको उपन्यास भुइँचालोभै सुरू भएर भुइँचालोभै अन्त्य हुन्छ । सामाजिक संस्कारका कारण जीवनभर अभिशप्त भएर नियतिको सजायँ भोगेकी ‘तारा’ का जीवनका विडम्बनाहरुसँग अन्य पात्रहरुको पनि विडम्बनापूर्ण कथा जोडिएर आउँछ । आञ्चलिकतासँगै सुन्दर भाषामा लेखिएको सेतो धरती २०६८ को मदन पुरस्कार प्राप्त कृति हो ।

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    awesome bookmust read

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    This time when I borrowed a book from the library I said to myself 'Enough of YA and fantasy novels I am reading something that is going to be totally different from my usual taste of books' So I borrowed this novel without a second thought Sadly this stayed in my bookshelf forgotten for about a day before I grudgingly picked it up and read it And I wasn't able to stop This book is so good The author's personal style of writing got me instantly hooked It was devastatingly descriptive which made even the smallest of the things beautiful and jostle with life I was baffled by the way the writer could personify every little thing and create vivid pictures to the point I had dreams about this book at nightThe message this book gives is so heartfelt and relatable to most women especially in rural areas I simply cannot get enough of the author's writing Therefore I have decided I am reading every single book Amar Nyaupane has ever written

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    Seto Dharti the mirror of our Nepali society is a Nepali novel written by Amar Neupane It is a well written story that portrays the painful and hard life of a young widow which keeps you absorbed until the end In the novel the main character Tara is a nine year old widow who goes through a lot of pain and suffering throughout her life Click to read the full review

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    if you want to know how it feels like to be sobbing at 2 am with goosebumps all over your body look no further once you start in book there's no going back the descriptive way this book has been written and the way every word sweeps into your body and stirs deep seated emotions you didn't even know existed it's irreplaceable you MUST read this book period kudos to amar neupane for touching lives in ways no one could have possibly imagined

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    It'd been a long time since I cried because I didn't want a novel to end

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    Seto Dharti' is based on a life story of a child widow Tara Tara represents the life of all girls of Nepal in the past A girl who doesn't even know how to write her own name is married to a boy without her knowledge It doesn't end here After her husband dies shortly after the marriage she isn't allowed to remarry Her life becomes lifeless Everywhere she goes she is cursed The novel shows the miserable condition of widows in Nepal Tara needs to clad in white her whole life wherever she goes No colours no charm And her life accompanying Many Taras of Nepal are forced to suffer this colourless life Thanks to Neupane for presenting this beautiful yet heart melting novel👌

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    I am in awe of the author regarding the parts where being a man himself he could so precisely portray how a woman felt Every uestion the character had in her mind regarding the circumstances she was in it was uestionable to me as well I don’t uestion any of it It’s not even about uestioning The character portrayal defined a rebellious woman However other than in the beginning I don’t see her uestioning of it She accepted her fate not that the expectation was of her being superhero But did she make the most out of it? She was seeking to learn क ख ग but she didn’t seek it further She could have learned from her brothers I believe I am unsatisfied the way she grows silent with age That is exactly what goes around Exactly How is it fiction? At end I felt like the thing I awed about his work might be all the things he heard around and none were from his heart

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    Seto Dharti is not only one of the most sensational and heart touching novel but also is written with utmost perfection and holds the bitter truth of our society of a few years backThe content is based on an old matter as dry as the desertbut the way the writer presents the scenes holds the power to urge the readerThe writing is simple brisk and well placed This is the story of struggle struggle of a child widow through the different stage of lifeWhile reading this book I felt as though her life is passing gently right before my eyesAt the timesmy own eyes couldn't stop themselves from breaking down with tears out of a sympathy for the vulnerable life of child widows of those days Tara tells her story in her own words how she was married at the age of 7 and had to be child widow at the tender age of 9 Her life changed colors and her world no longer remained colorfuljust plainty white and dullbefore i read the book the title 'seto dharti' didn't make much sense to meGoing through the novel I felt like there can't have been another name for this novelI recommended this book to all modern boys and girls who often forget how they lucky they are to be born in this time and not in Tara's I am not asking you guys to read this book to find out how conservative our society was then or to acknowledge Tara's lifein fact I want you to read it because this book will help to find yourself and be thankful for what you have gotTherefore dear all don't take this life for granted because life is a blessing and you have got to utilize it like one At the end don't forget to check out 'Seto Dharti' HAPPY READING

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    its awesomeloved 2 read

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    Wonderful Nepali novel A must read Unfolds the culture that has been privilege and disadvantage