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सेतो बाघ एक ऐतिहासिक पृष्ठभूमिमा लेखिएको सामाजिक उपन्यास हो ।'बडामहारानी आज मैले सेतो बाघ देखेँ ।''कस्तो रहेछ? सरकार ''निक्खुर सेतो ।''त्यो सेतो बाघलाई सरकारबाट हानिबक्सिइन ?''हानेँ तर लागेन ।'

10 thoughts on “सेतो बाघ

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    this is third time i m reading this book

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    Fantastic work by Diamond Sumsher The book painfully sheds light on the political history of Nepal It makes us uestion what we are currently doing to make the most out the freedom we the citizen possess today Loved every bit of it

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    Lovehistorypoliticsvictoryand tragedy is beautifully presented in this novel by late diamond shamsherone of the best book for me

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    Seto Bagh dives deep into the lives and politics of the affluent much acclaimed Rana family of Nepal even though most accounts of this book are highly dubious considering the fact that the author was in prison when these events took place Seto Bagh was an absolutely insightful read over a few romantic scenes sprinkled in between were like a cherry on top thoroughly enjoyed reading this book 45

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    Love from Sikkim I watched a movie by the same name on YouTube It was awesome Now I definitely want to read the book too but it’s hard to get these books here in Sikkim All I could do is add these great Nepali books to my “to read” collection and wait for this Covid lockdown to get over so I could go to Nepal for some book shopping If there is anyway I can buy Nepali book online please let me know If anyone can share in some way that would be nice too Giving 5stars in advanceNamastey

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    My key take away from this book is that power mongering sees no relation not even blood It's solely concerned with selfishness insecurity conspiracies and unfortunate conseuences not just for the citizens and the country but also for the direct and indirect participants in that race Good read Enjoyed it

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    More of a plot driven story than character driven so while the author paints a fantastic and most chaotic time in the history of our country he doesn't actively identify the roles of each individual characters as the events unfold

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    This book paints the image of most chaotic time in history of Nepal It shows big old tree with roots of jealousy hatred betrayal conspiracies money power and the eye for position breathing out filthy air which at the end starts the tyranny of darkness

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    Such an amazing book I loved it

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    An absolute masterpiece The way Diamond Shumsher has written this book is fantastic