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The book has a very clear and coherent train of thought that presents some interesting arguments, providing than enough material to reinforce the arguments.I would recommend taking your time going through the book, absorb the information given in the initial chapters to help with thw later onesAll in all a great read PostCapitalism A Guide To Our Future Wikipedia PostCapitalism A Guide To Our Future Is Abook By British Journalist And Writer Paul Mason In The Book, Mason Discusses The Existential Threat Posed To Capitalism By The Digital Revolution He Argues That The Digital Revolution Has The Potential To Reshape Utterly Our Familiar Notions Of Work, Production And Value And To Destroy An Economy Based On Markets And Private Ownership Postcapitalism A Guide To Our Future By Paul Mason Postcapitalism Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers From Paul Mason, The Award Winning Channelpresenter, Postcapital Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers Post Capitalisme Wikipdia Le Post Capitalisme Est Un Concept Qui Concerne Plusieurs Propositions Visant Crer Un Nouveau Systme Conomique Ayant Pour Ambition De Remplacer Le Capitalisme Post Capitalism Wikipedia Post Capitalism Includes A Number Of Proposals For A New Economic System To Replace Capitalism, Or Otherwise Speculate On The Fate Of The Current Form Of The Socio Economic Order According To Some Classical Marxist And Some Social Evolutionary Theories , Post Capitalist Societies May Come About As A Result Of Spontaneous Evolution As Capitalism Becomes ObsoletePostCapitalism A Guide To Our Future PaulAt The End However We Seem To Return To Postcapitalism Done The Old Fashioned Way, A Revolution, Which Is A Choice Decision To Operate Not According To Economic Deterministic Logic, But The Logic Of Values Set In Advance To Create A System Where People Are Not Subjected To The Oblivion Chosen For Them By Gangs Of Thugs Called Capitalists , And Their Organ Grinder S Monkey, The Economist Paul Mason PostCapitalism Talks At Google Paul Mason Joined Us In London To Talk About His Book PostCapitalism A Guide To Our Future Recorded In December , London About The Book Press Release Over The Past Two Centuries Or SoPOST CAPITALISM By Colestia This Is Great A Simple Way To Teach These Concepts, Yet Still Sophisticated Enough To Show How There Are Multiple Layers And Everything Is Connected TMBSPost Capitalism A Future Joe Biden This Is The Free Weekly Edition Of TMBS To Support The Michael Brooks Show On Patreon And Receive Hours Of Weekly Members Only Content, Subscribe At Patreon Postcapitalisme Une Alternative Conomique Durable PourLe Postcapitalisme Une Alternative Conomique Durable Pour L Conomie Du March Libre Un Systme Conomique N Est Pas Une Donne Naturelle, Il Rsulte D Un Choix De L Homme PostCapitalism By Paul Mason Review A Worthy To Order PostCapitalism ForRRPgo To Bookshopeguardian Or CallFree UK Pp Over , Online Orders Only Phone Orders Min Pp Of Paul Mason mixes historical perspective with analysis of our current global economic system Throw in terminology used by economists and political scientists and this book can definitely challenge the reader I found myself wishing for concrete suggestions for how we will manage the transition to post capitalism but he is clear from the start that he is not suggesting specific answers so much as suggesting a roadmap for the transition Very thought provoking. I will leave it to others who are invested in seriously reviewing books to provide a summary and commentary of this work I really enjoyed reading this book, but believe the title is a bit misleading The substance of the book is about where we find ourselves now and how we got to this point less about some future that is still largely unknowable Mason s analysis and insights are what make this book amazing, and he has a gift for clearly explaining some pretty complicated issues without dumbing anything down The last chapter of the book is much less successful, which I kind of expected, given that nobody can really have their arms around a collective future that is contingent on so many significant variables This is definitely worth your time to read, and I feel like I need to re read this book in a couple of months to pick up what I missed on the first round. The issue of postcapitalism has to be seen from two angles the inherent dynamic, if any, of a system moving beyond itself, and the choice decision of those in the system to change or abolish it completely In the final analysis it is a speculative guess that the current system stuck in its neo liberal dystopia has the seeds for a transition to something else We should remain wary of such claims because while they can offer insights into the dynamics of capitalism we can safely predict that if the system tends to transcend itself those who stand to profit will reestablish it.The book nonetheless contains much to reckon with and is refreshingly eclectic in a spread of ideas which may or may not amount to confirmation of thesis At the end however we seem to return to postcapitalism done the old fashioned way, a revolution, which is a choice decision to operate not according to economic deterministic logic, but the logic of values set in advance to create a system where people are not subjected to the oblivion chosen for them by gangs of thugs called capitalists , and their organ grinder s monkey, the economist.Economists specialize in looking past values to what a system does, and how it will undergo noble intentions, but we are arriving at the point where the whole game has to perform according to those values or be judged obsolete We have burnt out a whole planet in the name of capitalism s successes , but must notice that after all of that the system now trends toward the abolition of middle classes To say nothing of the imminent climate crisis.Still, the cogency of the author s many speculative wild goose chases might be useful for leftists if they can hope to ride the momentum of the system itself toward the phase of post.