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This is a short novel and is a story of Grocers wife living in the age of Mahabharata and she narrates the Mahabharata story to the child character I in womens perspective The theme of the story is based on Hindu mythology and concrete analysis of Bhagwad Gita The author has given a good instance of powerful satire against war It appeals be good no need to be great

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    Two messages I vividly recall from this story 1 Be a good human not a successful one for all successful ones are not always good beings at their heart2 War is futile The killing of thousands for any reason isn't right by any means This is the story of the war of Kurukshetra through the eyes of Modiaain a woman who knows what war brings to the wife whose husband is out there in the battle and a mother whose son is fighting against his own brother There are no tales of love or sexuality on this one like the other books I read of BP Koirala There are small hints when a girl falls in love or when she frightens at the sight of her lover standing in the battleground but that's all This book mostly reflects the other philosophy of BP his stance against war The story was pretty good by the way It's a short book you can even finish it in one sitting

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    Modi Aain is a retelling of Mahabharata through the eyes of the eponymous Modi Aain It's a pretty short book which can be finished in one sitting Short sweet and it leaves with a solid piece of advice ठूलो मान्छे नबन्नु बाबु असल मान्छे बन्नु

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    An awesome read impressed with BP Koirala one time 💟

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    Short beautiful epic masterpiece

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    Decent read but average in BP scale

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    नानी ठूलो नहुनू वीर नहुनू । असल हुनू असल ।बि पी को उपन्यासका बारेमा केही लेख्न जरुरी छ र ?

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    its a strange story