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Through global research Dove Hair uncovered that only 4 out of 10 little girls with curly hair in the US think their hair is beautiful They also found that girls are likely to feel beautiful and proud of their curls when people around them do In 2015 Dove Hair launched the Love Your Curls campaign and film to encourage women and girls of all ages to celebrate their curls and inspire future generations to do the same The Love Your Curls book is a poetic tribute to curly hair composed of the beautiful stories and photos that poured in as a result of the campaign Download dedicate and share the Dove Hair Love Your Curls e book Visit DovecomLoveYourCurls to create a personalized version with a custom dedication poem and watercolor illustration Then share it with the curly girls in your life on Facebook Twitter and Pinterest with #LoveYourCurls Dove Hair Study Conducted by Edelman Berland October 2014

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    Curl EnvyWe Women seem to desire the exact opposite of what genetics bestowed us I have envied curly headed women most of my life as they used say my hair was a carpenter's dream straight as a board a slave to perms that started in high school with an Afro which I rocked the mass of ringlets my shining glory For the next 40 years I have gone thru many versions of curls wavy to curly long or short and will continue to perm and pamper my hair Ladies of the Curl you rock those curls and know that you are the envy of many women The poems in this book express a coming of age of sorts learning to love yourself for your beauty without and within

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    Leaves a touching messageThis collection of poems will brighten anyone's day who has curly wavy or kinky hair So many girls grow up hating their hair and taking drastic measures to change the way it is This book provides such a positive message that all hair types are beautiful even though we may have grown up seeing only one hair type as beautiful Love it I highly recommend it to anyone with wild hair

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    This is definitely not a book for women with straight hair since it makes you feel plain and that your hair is the blah normal It tells the story that we with straight hair have it easier to care for but our hair is lifeless and without any magic since our hairs flows instead of bounces There was also one poem that was in Spanish which would have been nice to have a translation on the opposite page or even underneath the actual line for those who don't speak Spanish I think I did a partially decent job in translating it but I am not sure if that was the right translation or not As for the book itself there were some poems that were alright and nothing to write home about such as the very first one And then there were the decent poems What made the book interesting to read was the different styles that were used in the poems themselves with some rhyming one in a curvy shape and others just being normal everyday written poems But the best thing that I love about the book is the artwork which is amazing The colors are subdued and yet bright while eye catching They convey some beautiful women and girls while helping the book to relate to even younger audiences So summary if you have curls or know someone that does this will be a beautiful book to add to their collection Straight haired girls keep away

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    Sooooo RelarableWhat an inspirational way to remind yourself to love who you are all the way to the top of your curly locks I smiled with every poem I had returned to straight hair had planned to go back to curly for the summerthis book inspired me to go back 3wks earlier then planned Thanks

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    A book I wish I had growing upThis book brought tears to my eyes I'm 24 and starting last year I have finally started to love my luscious Latina curls Growing up I hated them and wished and prayed for straight silky hair that was always on tv Now I look in the mirror and smile and thank god my wish never came true

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    How sweetWhat a wonderful homage to girls with curly hair You can also customize this book with your own pics I made sure to send different personalized copies to my daughter and nieces who are all curly girls

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    Acceptable but not what I expectedThis was a great but for discovery but not what I expected Title is unclear as to what appeared in the pages I expected some words of instruction my bad

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    Curly EsteemI give this book two thumbs up It is a fact that we need to appreciate the hair God blessed us with Natural curly hair is Beautiful

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    Besides my Goodreads account this review was posted at The Enchanted Book Garden at wwwenchantedbookgardenblogspotcom If you're interested in my reviews and reading updates please check out my blog5 out of 5Do you have curly hair? Does your daughter have curly hair? Do you have a loved one whether niece cousin or even a beloved non relative with curly hair? If so this is the ideal book for you I've struggled for a lifetime with my curls I always felt 'ugly' or odd for being blessed with my father's hair texture Unlike my father's hair my mother's hair is baby fine perfectly straight and very thin In comparison to my mother's hair my hair is very thick curly and coarse like my father's It's coarse enough that people have even proclaimed Wow Your hair is like a wiry piece of yarn or even acknowledged it to feel like curly horse hair Yes reallyI've spent many years of my life thinking my hair was hopeless It was hopelessly big hopelessly curly hopelessly dry and hopelessly unlike what I saw be marketed as beautiful hair in the magazines I can't say that I ever hated my hair because I never did I always loved my curls and valued them over having straight hair but I never knew how to really care for my hair I realized that not knowing how to properly care for your hair is a big factor in why people with curly hair get so frustrated easily Even if they love their curly locks like I did they simply do not know how to maintain them and feel so lost like I also did After feeling like there was something that had to be done about my hair I Googled and found some information online about my hair This past summer in fact is when I found NaturallyCurlycom It changed my life My curls are the healthiest curliest and prettiest that they have ever been Not only do they look pretty but I finally feel pretty for having curly hair Why should I hate something that makes me stand out? That reminds me of my family my father's parents both also had very curly hair and ancestral land? Why should I hate something that makes me an individual?The poems in the book are full of ways to love your hair; it says all of the beautiful things about curls that little girls in particular need to hear It's also inclusive of all curls whether they be curls coils or even waves I found it be so inclusive and heartwarming I really wish that were books like thisIt was one of the sweetest books that I've read in a long time I loved how the poems were able to capture the poetic essence of curly hair including the self esteem issues from not having 'pretty' hair to the fun of it and the care that it needs One of my biggest stepping stones was realizing that my curls need love than if they were straight locks If I had a little curly girl in my life I'd definitely gift her this book in particular If you know a little curly one this would make a great book for her I can only imagine that these poems would be so fun to read to a little one Even if you don't have a little one you'll love reading these cute little poems to yourself if you have any curly locksThis book is a sure way to warm a Curly Girl's heart

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    Love your curlsAs far as the poems go they are rhythmic and fun for girls to read I loved my curls before this book since I know they'll never leave I wish I would have know and a poem I could have wrote But since I didn't I thought I'd leave this little note Take care of your curls spoil them with coconut butters Soon after friends you'll be the envy of every mother How does she get her curls to spring and smell so good? I must know to help my daughterwhose curls I cover with a hood If I had such product she could be happy with her hair Tell me girl what do you use that gives your hair that flair? Is it Dove or Pantene Pro v? Hair gel or maybe Burt's Bees? No I laugh those names ain't black Gotta use Mixed Chicks or some Shea