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The novel expresses the story of the struggle of a lower middle class father in Far Western Region of Nepal through his son’s eyes The presentation of the novel is great and the readers are bound to move along with the characters in the storyThe story starts with the short narration related with the story of the birth of the son Brishabahadur The book is divided into eleven parts each mentioned as a day The novel is part present and of a flashback The narrator who himself is the writer comes to visit his father and during the eleven days that he spends taking care of his sick father his mind drifts towards the past The changing perception of the son regarding his father is expressed beautifully in this novel

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    I am sorry i don't have Nepali Unicode font so i am trying to write my review in EnglishThis Book Karnali Blues is very nice and touchy one One should read it once The story is not so extra ordinary but the presentation makes it uniue It is a good piece of literature in Nepal from a Nepali writer The you continue to read the it binds you It is not a love story or a fantasy but it is a story of a common man and how his life is going on It is a story about a father and his son and the son's attitude toward his father How it continuously keeps on changing How a father is struggling in order to establish himself for a better settlement and his hardships on lifeThe story is emotional And the humor presented in the story is uite good It makes you laugh and you can't help itThe flashback techniue of narration is brilliant It is a must read book in Nepali i think

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    Just love re reading this book 👌The use simple language amazing magic of the author's writing through out the book i felt like i am running around Karnali region living the stories by myself Not much sure about the future but this book definitely will be with me forever so close to my heartमेरो बा जस्तो यो संसारमा कोहि छैन ।

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    I have been meaning to read Nepali literature for a while now but I've always been intimidated I can read Nepali but it's a slow process Reading an entire novel might turn out to be as big a project as writing one But I don't want to read them in English translation either that feels too much like giving upEnter The Compromise audio You see I followed an internet rabbit hole down to this website that hosts recordings of the radio program Shruti Sambeg which features readings of popular Nepali novels each over the course of a few episodes The readings are by Achyut Ghimire and are very well produced except for the occasionally overbearing musicKarnali Blues is apparently one of the most successful works of contemporary Nepali literature It's easy to see why There's no big dramatic plot here instead most of the book details the narrator's experiences growing up in the remote Karnali region of Nepal a child in absolute awe of his father Mero baa jasto yo sansarma koi chaina he says repeatedly These recollections of the past are broken up by a present day narrative in which the father now lies paralyzed in a hospitalBreaking away from pretentious Sanskrit laden 'literary' Nepali the writing is simple and poetic every line heavy with imagery funny and wistful in turns Anyone with a reasonable command of spoken Nepali shouldn't find the language much of a challenge Give it a shotA soundtrack Nepathya Sa Karnali Sugam Pokhrel Karnali Bipul Chhetri Aashish

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    It's the most well structured and satisfyingly accomplished Nepali novel I've read The sentences are short the descriptions soaked in original local textures and the humor gels so well to make the reading enjoyable and uick Buddhisagar makes you reminisce your childhood and after finishing the book you'd be emotionally obliged to hug your father

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    This one's really wonderful I had read Buddhisagar's short stories in Nagarik before I read this book I liked his writing stylePS If I'm not mistaken the book's ISBN should have been 9789937827935 the last 3 digits are missing in ISBN as stated by Goodreads

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    Some books take away your breath with simplicity and others with their splendor Journalist Buddhisagar’s first novel Karnali Blues takes your breath away twice once by the simplicity of its language and then again by the splendor of its emotional range

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    U know when u finish a book and u stay frozen for a solid minute not knowing what to feel or if u should feel anything So u just look around without registering anything?That is exactly what i felt as i read the last paragraph of this book I was so engrossed with the story that I felt like I was watching it all unravel in front of my eyes It took me a long time to get out of the story But when i did i felt it a pain in my heartA must read

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    An outstanding story that traces the bond between a son and his father as seen through the son's eyes and minds For readers the power of simple narrative and poignant dialogs in telling a story will be inescapable in this debut novel of BuddhisagarI highly recommend this novel to readers who can read NepaliNote The Goodreads entry wrongly lists the author's name as Buddhisagar Rai The author's name is Buddhisagar Chapain but he only uses his first name as the author of this novel

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    A huge plethora of words too seem nothing if i start appreciating this book This book has created its own standard spot in the nepali hearts Its a cultural documentation too being included the use of multi languages It also takes us from the pre and post development faces of the midwestern and far western nepal TH condition of patients in hospitals depict the medical environment of nepal A truly nepali society describing book written by buddhisagar Nothing did actually felt myself emotional at work but this novel made melove love love to Mr Buddhisagar for penning it down

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    A beautiful and heart melting depiction of real life struggles of Nepalis who have spent their life time waiting to evidence development and progress Words fall short to describe how the author's writing stirs reader's emotion since the beginning and it only intensifies as the story progresses Further the author's simplistic language and usage of words are spot on Big fan of this prolific author For those who want to understand Nepal and daily struggles of people here begin with this book