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I liked Mindhunter better because the author stuck to what he knew and kept to a tighter structure This work was less organized and was all over the map on subject matter and purpose. Powt rz za Johnem Douglasem je li kto decyduje si odebra ycie innemu cz owiekowi, powinien by got w zap aci za to w asnym. In The New York Times Bestseller Mindhunter, John Douglas, Who Headed The FBI S Elite Investigative Support Unit, Told The Story Of His Brilliant And Terrifying Career Tracking Down Some Of The Most Heinous Criminals In History Using Behavioral Profiling And Criminal Investigative Analysis To Get Into The Head And Psyche Of Both The Criminal And Victim To Feel What They Felt At The Critical Moment Douglas Helped Crack Many High Profile Cases, Including The Trailside Killer, The Atlanta Child Murders, And The Tylenol Murders Now, Working Again With His Co Author Mark Olshaker, Douglas Delves Further Into The Criminal Mind With A Series Of Chilling New Cases In Journey Into Darkness Follow The FBI S Premier Investigative Profiler As He Penetrates The Minds And Motives Of The Most Terrifying Serial Killers In Journey Into Darkness, Douglas Profiles Vicious Serial Killers, Rapists, And Child Molesters He Is Straightforward, Blunt, Often Irreverent, And Outspoken, But Takes Pains Not To Glorify Any Of These Murderers Some Of The Unique Cases Douglas Discusses Include The Clairemont Killer Six Women Were Found Stabbed To Death In San Diego, Three In The Same Apartment Complex In Each Case, The Killer Entered Through An Unlocked Door Or Window In The Late Morning To Early Afternoon A Suspect Was In Custody, Tied To One Of The Murders Through A DNA Match Douglas Was Called Upon To Use His Profiling Techniques To Link The Other Five Murders To The Suspect Douglas Looked At The Signature Of The Killer, And Found That All The Murders Were Committed By The Same Man The Prosecution Used The Profile To Force The Jury To Find The Defendant Guilty Ofall Six Murders, If They Felt He Was Guilty Of The One Murder Celophus Prince Was Found Guilty On All Counts The Schoolgirl Murders What Became Canada S Trial Of The Century Several Schoolgirls Disappeared In Their Bodies Were Dumped Several Weeks Later, Beaten And Sexually Attacked Canadian Police Agencies Contacted The FBI For Help On The Case And To Get A Profile On The Killer And, According To Witnesses, His Accomplice Following The Advice Of The Investigative Support Unit In Quantico, Canada Aired A Television Special Entitled The Abduction Of Kristin French, Allowing Agent Gregg McCrary To Describe The Killer S Profile On Air Knowing That The Murderer And His Accomplice Would Be Watching, He Planned To Confront The Unknown Killer, Assuring Him He Would Be Caught Paul Bernardo Was Arrested On February Turned In By His Wife And Partner In Crime, Karla Leanne Homolka The Profile Was Dead On The Money Richmond S First Serial Murderer In , Richmodd, Virginia, Was Struck By A Serial Rapist Murderer The Richmond Police Called Upon The Investigative Support Unit In Quantico To Make Up A Profile Of The Perpetrator The Crimes And Profile Beared A Remarkable Resemblance To A String Of Burglaries, Rapes And Murders In Alexandria, Virginia, Several Years Before Agent Steve Mardigian Then Formulated A Complex Strategy That Caught The Killer Who Fit The Profile To A Tee In The Process He Helped Free A Wrongly Convicted Man, Who Due To His Low Intelligence Level, Had Become Confused And Confessed To The Crime The Brutal And Sadistic Murder Of Suzanne Marie Collins, A Beautiful Young Marine On The Verge Of A Brilliant Career Theculprit Was Caught And Confessed To Her Killing, But His Story Was Very Different Than What Really Happened By Delving Into Sedley Alley S Mind, Douglas Helped Bring The Murderer To Justice, Recreating The Evening From The Perspective Of A Sadistic And Angry Man Suzanne Collins Horrifying End Haunts Douglas To This Day Douglas Delves Into Other Cases, Including Polly Klaas Abduction And Murder By Richard Allen Davis, The Tragedy That Lead To The Creation Of Megan S Law The Abduction And Murder Of Six Year Old Cassandra Lynn Hansen, Who Was Snatched From An Evening Church Service And The Vicious Murder And Sexual Assault Of Nancy Newman And Her Two Daughters, Eight Year Old Melissa And Three Year Old Angie In Anchorage, Alaska He Also Explores The Murders Of Nicole Brown Simpson And Ronald Goldman, Focusing On The Double Homicide Purely From A Behavioral Perspective Douglas Examines What The Facts At And Surrounding The Crime Scene Told About The Killer From A Behavioral Point Of View From Douglas S Profile, The Only Viable Suspect To Date Is OJ SimpsonWith Journey Into Darkness, Douglas Provides Than A Glimpse Into The Minds Of Serial Killers He Demonstrates What A Powerful Weapon Behavioral Science Has Become Profiling Criminals Helps Not Only To Capture Them, But Also Helps Society Understand How These Predators Work And What Can Be Done To Prevent Them From Striking Again Douglas Focuses Especi Makes you think twice about walking alone at night Or ever Contemplating a large investment in a barbed fence, a pit bull and a mote after reading about some of the heinous crimes he s profiled. What I didn t like about this book was Douglas s tendancy to reference stories that he already explored in his first book Like the offensive ploy he claims he used that got Richard Speck to finally speak to authorities He also reiterated the medical condition that downed him during the Green River Killer investigation Way to go on that case man, you guys finally nailed him after what 20 years Douglas did write about some interesting cases that I hadn t read about before, and the book held my attention Although, I do take issue with the way he characterized Karla Homolka as a victim of her husband Paul Bernardo I have to wonder if at the time of the writing the videotapes depicting Karla s involvement with the murders had come out He seems to believe that Karla was as much a victim as Kristen French or Leslie Mahaffey Not so Any woman who participates in the rape literally and murder of her younger sister, is clearly depraved He writes at one point in the book, we all make our choices and must be held responsible for them So why let this woman off the hook I just couldn t buy his logic. Heartbreaking and gripping John Douglas recounts several horrific murder cases he helped investigate, focusing on the victims and their families They re haunting stories, both in the impact of the killings on the families and then in the stress and grief accompanying the convoluted legal processes that sometimes followed, including a series of technical appeals, in a case cinched both by massive physical evidence and by a detailed confession, that had lasted at the time of writing than two decades.Dr Douglas makes a compelling plea for victims rights to be given a higher priority in the legal system, while being painstakingly clear in spelling out that he is not advocating taking away any of the rights of people accused of crimes That last point is emphasized by the story of one case, in which he, other FBI investigators, and police and prosecutors worked to overturn a wrongful conviction when new evidence indicated that a man who was already in prison for a murder was not the perpetrator after all.Anyone interested in crime, psychopathology, or victims rights needs to read this book. I ve always been pretty intrigued by Serial Killers and the people who track them down If there was a way to get a job tracking them without going through lower law enforcement and the possibility of being stuck in Robbery or Vice or another department I would have made that my career choice.All told, this is a fascinating book not for the faint of heart, some of the material is graphic and hard to read.It is about as close to looking in the face of evil as most people would want to go. This was hard to read, especially to watch John suffer It was great though, he always does a great job telling his story Pre review It is a re read I first read it when I was a teenage So happy to see a Taiwanese publisher republished this series after the success of the Mindhunter TV series Link PS I really like the part about Edmund Kemper although he is a mother freaking psychopath serial murderer The author of this book claims Ed Kemper is the serial killer with the highest IQ and most insight about himself he had encountered Link Rating 5 full brilliant, disturbing and intriguing stars.The first thing you should know about this book is the author, John Douglas, a retired FBI detective and the first generation of detectives who mastered the art of criminal profiling, sure as hell knows his subjects well and I m both delighted and thankful to have him sharing his wealth of knowledge with the readers in such a systematical, easily understandable way even adding in plenty of helpful hints to inform us about the signs of danger and how best to protect ourselves and the children.What is there to say about serial killers They are twisted and mostly unsympathetic creatures, but the author wants us to know they are not mad at least most of them aren t insane or entirely beyond our understanding I like all the case studies the author and his fellow FBI detectives had done with these serial killers.PS when reading this book I d gotten rather sick of hearing about pedophiles and what they had done to children okay, maybe not every one of them will wind up killing and raping children, but still John Douglas may or may not be a great profiler, he certainly seems to think he is and doesn t mind telling the reader so ad nauseum.But whatever his merits as a profiler are, his ability to author a coherent, interesting book is nil.He constantly loses focus and goes off on tangents completely irrelevant to the subject at hand.Three long and boring chapters are devoted to one murder, that of a female Marine.He goes into excruciating detail of her family s history in the most stultifying prose it has ever been my misfortune to read.On some of the cases, he s also a bit of a Monday morning quarterback, informing the reader that he could have picked the killer, if only he d been asked.So what we have here is a book about an fascinating subject that is rendered as interesting as your Aunt s gall bladder operation story, written by an egomaniac and an incompetent ghostwriter and seemingly edited by a high school teenager.