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Jane Austen Ruined my Life Livres en VO Bons Plans Livre Culturacom propose la vente en ligne de produits culturels retrouvez un grand choix de CD et DVD jeux vido livres et les univers loisirs et cration Jane Austen Ruined My Garden Jane Austen ruined it all If you’ve ever been an English teacher as I used to be you know that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice may be the most esteemed novel written in the English language But it had never smitten me until my daughter Alice loaned me her BBCAE Pride and Prejudice DVD this spring With millions of women on both sides of the Atlantic my estrogen churned I Jane Austen Ruined My Garden – Jane Austen Centre Jane Austen ruined it all If you’ve ever been an English teacher as I used to be you know that Jane Aust One fan's journey to the Jane Austen Festival Skip to content Jane Austen Centre About Us Buy Tickets Contact Opening Hours Online Shop Featured New Products Bestsellers Mr Darcy Netherfield Collection Gift Wrapping Service Newsletter Signup Gift Guide Gifts Under PDF Jane Austen Ruined My Life Download Full – Jane Austen Ruined My Life Release on | by Beth Pattillo As Emma uncovers the legendary author's innermost thoughts she begins to understand the reasons for her idol's secrecy Laced with excerpts from the missing letters this is the story of a woman betrayed Author Beth Pattillo Publisher Monarch Books ISBN Category Fiction Page View Download JANE AUSTEN RUINED MY LIFE A NOVEL To download Jane Austen Ruined My Life A Novel PDF you should follow the button below and save the ebook or gain access to other information that are highly relevant to JANE AUSTEN RUINED MY LIFE A NOVEL ebook Download PDF Jane Austen Ruined My Life A Novel Authored by Beth Pattillo Released at Filesize MB Reviews A fresh electronic book with a new viewpoint I was able to Le dvore tant Jane Austen ruined my life by Beth Pattillo Jane Austen ruined my life by Beth Pattillo Ce livre est le premier lu d'une commande un peu draisonnable que j'ai passe suite une folle envie de littrature inspire des œuvres de Jane Austen Il est vident que j'ai demand conseil celle que je peux considrer comme un mentor dans ce genre de choses ma comparse de Correspondance d'Autrefois Alice Elle m'a donc conseill Jane Austen Ruined My Life Jane Austen Ruined My Life is an enthralling novel that was engaging and light I loved the idea of a secret society of select Austen scholars safely guarding a massive collection of lost letters belonging to Jane Austen In addition I greatly enjoyed the unknown love story Ms Pattillo cultivated between Jane Austen and another man I took pleasure in touring many famous Austen haunts Jane Austen ruined my expectations for men Jane Austen ruined my expectations for men comments share save hide report % Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by best no comments yet Be the first to share what you think View entire discussion comments More posts from the PrideandPrejudice community Continue browsing in rPrideandPrejudice rPrideandPrejudice A place for everything Le petit monde de Jane Austen Rcritures et variations Jane Austen Ruined My Life Beth Pattillo critiques citations Ajouter mes livres Jane Austen et Moi Devenez une Heroine de Jane Austen Emma Campbell Webster critiques citations Ajouter mes livres A Walk with Jane Austen Lori Smith critiques Ajouter mes livres Jane Austen et la Sorcire du Derbyshire Quote by Jane Austen “Why not seize the pleasure Emma by Jane Austen ratings average rating reviews Open Preview Browse By Tag love life inspirational humor philosophy god inspirational quotes truth

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    Before a proper review beginsI must rant about something that really bothered me about this book It's a tiny flaw but it really gets to meIf one says I love Jane Austen I will write a book about her life and novels then one should ensure that every tiny detail is correct At one point in the novel the main character Emma is talking to Adam about a home in a park and they say it possibly inspired the great homes in Austen's novels Emma then says that the family in Mansfield Park did not appreciate the beauty of homes because they were too self involved That's all finebut she calls the family the Rushworths But I can't imagine a family like the Rushworths living in someplace this elegant Really? You love Jane Austen and her novels but you say that the main family in Mansfield Park is called Rushworth? Seriously? You write a book about an academic who has dedicated her life to studying Austen's works and you have her say that the family in Mansfield Park is called Rushworth? AND NO ONE EVER CAUGHT THIS TO CORRECT IT? What? The family that LIVES at Mansfield Park is the BERTRAMS Rushworth is the doofus that marries Maria BertramOkbeyond thatThe book is like a lightweight Da Vinci Code for Austen fans I also find it very difficult to understand how this woman can keep blaming Jane Austen for her sad love life when Austen wrote everyone of her leading male characters with flaws Darcy his pride and his prejudice against those with lesser means Wentworth his inability to forgive Anne and Knightley his constant need to correct Emma and treat her like a child Yesthey overcome these flaws but they exist Andby the end I was just over the main characters blindness to what she has right in front of her UghCute storybut it could definitely use some work

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    I have read dozens of Jane Austen spinoffs and this one is pretty good There were a few things that were entirely unbelievable namely1 I have never met an English professor who dressed in designer clothing I have a graduate degree from a British University I have met many professiors nationally and internationally2 No professor would be fired for plagiarism because of their ex husband's testimony The main reason is that every person has a distince voice when they write and those reading Emma's paper would recognize that it was her voice and not that of her teaching assistant aka husband's mistress 3 No male would put up with the her emotional rollercoaster and lack of honesty and still find her attractive and marriageable 4 If you wore Chanel to a West End London theatre production you would be terribly overdressed I've worn jeans If you can get over these inaccuracies it's not a bad book and the end is a surprise

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    Pre judgements on books are always iffy Without some kind of pre judgement without the weighing of cover art and blurb opening a book cover would be like opening an unlabeled can will it be beans or cherry pie filling or one of those gag snakes on springs things? But so often the data available on the outside of the book sets up the wrong expectations or gives away too much of a mystery but that's another rant I thought based on the cute title and the cover photograph of a swooning woman and not much else that Jane Austen Ruined My Life was going to be sheerest chick lit A fluffy funny maybe occasionally biting romance novel Something can be both fluffy and funny and bite I have been chewed on by many's the puppy It started out that way It started out fulfilling my expectations as fluff Here is Emma Grant speaking of Wrong Cover Blurbs she's named as Emma Douglas on the back cover though that may or may not be Edward's name? on her way to England leaving the ruins of her life smoking behind her She discovered her husband in flagrante delicto and her career as a professor at a prestigious university has been destroyed by a baseless claim of plagiarism Now unemployed and financed only by judicious sellings off she is flying across the Atlantic on the basis of some mysterious correspondence to get her hands on the letters of Jane Austen long supposed to have been at Jane's request destroyed With these letters she can get back at Jane Austen Jane who valued her privacy above all and wanted her letters never to be public Jane whose every book ended in a Happily Ever After which Emma has found resembles real life not at all Jane whose effect on a girl named Emma was to make her look for and expect her Mr Knightley It's all her fault and exposing her letters to the public will not only be vengeance but it will also most satisfactorily restore and launch into the stratosphere Emma's career Win win with Jane's laundry hopefully dirty hung out for all to see I knew a little about Jane Austen's life from whichever movie that was that I saw not that one the other one and from general reading but this did a lovely job of pointing up a few parallels concrete and apocryphal between her life and her work Her situation when her father retired and then when he died is very like the Dashwoods' in the same position except that Jane's brothers were kinder not much able to provide but kinder There is the fictional parallel between Jack Smith and Harriet Smith and between Lt Jack Smith and Captain Frederick Wentworth how poignant to have Jane rewriting her life as it might have been and for her sister Cassandra to take the place of Lady Russell The sisters adored each other in reality but it's a fascinating idea that Jane's portrayal of Lady Russell that scheming pompous bitch was a way to vent her emotions Of course what I just said is the best argument against any such thing as the family knew the books as well as Jane did and Jane would not have written to hurt any of them The only problem with the parallels drawn in the book is that I was saying Anne and Persuasion chapters and chapters before Emma and she should have said it long before me A valid parallel is Jane Austen fainted when they told her they were moving from their beloved home to Bath this reminded me of Anne when because of her father's insolvency they had to pack up and leave Anne and Jane were both also at the beck and call of their siblings though where Anne was cosseting her hypochondriac sister Jane and Cassandra were in demand and happy to oblige assisting their beloved siblings with their large broods As I said it started out as fluff and in fact I was cynically prepared to take umbrage on Jane's behalf Somewhere along the line though as Emma made her way through a series of tasks set by the letters' guardian as she to her surprise if no one else's reconnected with her old best friend long out of touch who also happened to be a highly attractive English professor as she became occupied by something other than her own misery Somewhere in there it stopped being fluff and became the story of a woman in pain starting to recover and remember why she's always loved the things she's loved Like Jane Austen I admit it I welled up at the end for Jane and for Emma And for other reasons The ending probably was not to a lot of readers' tastes but I thought it was perfect This is smart and funny and steeped in Austenism if not entirely reliable as a reference I believe and really very human And there were some lovely quotes Have some tea dear Hester said reaching for the pot and refilling my cup I always find that helps I took my time running my fingers along the spines of books stopping to pull a title from the shelf and inspect it A sense of well being flowed through me as I circled the ground floor It was better then meditation or a new pair of shoes or even chocolate My life was a disaster but there were still books Lots and lots of books A refuge A solace Each one offering the possibility of a new beginning

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    Just finished this book and I can't even say what it was about I can't even say if there was a moral to the story or what the purpose of the telling was There was a bit of a 'treasure' hunt involving unknown Jane Austen letters in which the character Emma was sent to various places perform a task then open an envelope and read a copy of the letter I think the point of this hunt was to show Emma something But I can't figure out what it was She came off a divorce to a snake of a guy who cost her her university position I guess these tasks were to show her to stand on her own two feet make her own choices and make her own happiness? But reading the book I got the message that in order for her to live happily ever after she couldn't do it with a man in her life No wait it was that she would live happily ever after if she gave another man in her life a second chance No wait she blames Jane Austen for creating the ultimate romantic guy and now realizes there is no such thing No wait there is no such thing as living happily ever after WTF?Emma decides in order to be happy she has to cut off all men in her life and be independent I guess she figures that then she will get a good job and be successful However upon this decision she tells me that she will be going home to live with her parents and her father will get her a teaching job So not only doesn't she still get it she hurts the man who has loved her for years still blames Jane Austen and she is still not independentWTF?I think this is a train wreck of a story I am so disappointed I will try another of this author's books but if it goes the way of this story I'm done

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    I picked this up at the bookstore the other day because it looked entertaining What Austen fan could resist that title? In the end this book wasn't really what I expected Yes it was a bit fomulaic with all the elements you would expect from Chick Lit but it also had some interesting insights Maybe it's because of where I'm at in my life but it hit me just a little bit deeper than the typical Chick Lit would and gave me some things to think about All in all an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon

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    I stayed up late into the night to finish this and I like my sleep so that just shows I was pretty gripped I have to confess that I’m not a die hard Jane Austen fan I’ve only read PP thus far so I wouldn’t know how real fans of Austen would feel about this bookEmma figures her name would be Emma or something like that decides to go to England for a change of scenery After divorcing her husband and losing her job as a professor she could use it but that is not the only reason why she goes to England Emma is looking for Jane Austen's missing letters to salvage her career She finds unexpectedly a long lost friend and there are tasks that Emma has to undergo in order to read the letters There are some funny moments and it is an overall light read Emma gets pretty emotional sometimes does a lot of crying There is a romance going on too of course Overall it's a recipe for a perfect chick lit Emma herself didn't really convince me that she was a professor much less an English professor Jane Austen her specialty of course I know this is nit picking but she says ditto once It's not that I hate it when people use ditto I just think you couldn't think of anything else? But for an English professor I was annoyed I thought Come on this guy love interest is pouring his heart out to you and all you have to say is ditto Anyways other than that it was a fun book The ending kind of surprised me because it's not what I expected but I could deal with it

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    Throughout the whole book I kept saying to myself at least this story will end wellthe end will make up for everything And then I finally got to the end and waseven disappointed The two major things that I think turned me off was ONE the main character I never connected with her She came off as self centered and hard hearted and remained that way to the very end Everything was about her She was on this journey to discover secrets about Jane Austen and I kept thinking that at some point she would have this breakthrough that would change her whole perspective on life and love but it never happened Even Adam poor Adam who loved her said that their whole relationship had been about her and what she wanted but she never acknowledged that he was right or changed her ways It was sorta like I'm sorry but that's just the way I am so lets move on And then the ending It just didn't work for me

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    A fun book for any Jane Austen loverFresh off an ugly divorce from her cheating husband who also ruined her career Emma goes on a pilgrimage to England to find the lost letters of Jane Austen Emma is an Austen professor an Austen fanatic an Austen junkie as she sets out on her quest in hopes of restoring her credibility and reputation What she restores is her faith and hope in all things Jane Austenand herselfIt's hard for modern day people to imagine how lives used to be changed by the receipt of a letter Today bad news comes over the phone in an e mail or via a text message But in Jane Austen's day important information had to travel by post and so many historical life changing moments still rest upon the pages for us to witness Jane Austen's life was recorded in her letters but her sister Cassandra is believed to have destroyed Jane's letters before her death leaving her fans without the knowledge of several years of her life Thus much of Austen's life remains a mystery adding to the magic of her novels This much is true We also know from our literary texts that Jane Austen never married but how could the woman who penned some of the greatest love stories ever told not have found her own true love? Beth Pattillo takes us on a wonderful journey to help fill in some of the gaps in Austen's personal life with a fictional tale of a secret society known as The Formidables who swore to secrecy and to protect the lost letters of Jane Austen She takes us from Austen's humble birthplace her family's retreat in Bath several stops in between and finally to her last home where she spent her final days This is not the fan lit that is so popular now taking Jane Austen's books and retelling them or creating would be sequels This is a book all unto its ownIf you loved Pride and Prejudice Persuasion Emma and Sense and Sensibility as I did you will thoroughly enjoy reading this lovely story of how these novels might have given us some clues into Jane Austen's true love life Did she find her Mr Darcy? Her Mr Knightly? I will say if you have not read Austen's classics you might miss a few key references like the Cobb from the scene in Persuasion where Louisa Musgrove jumped from the higher level of the Cobb instead of the lower steps expecting Captain Wentworth to catch her Even though Pattillo reminds us of the scene it may not resonate with readers who haven't read the novel and feel a connection to it Jane Austen's novels move me to laughter and tears and reading Jane Austen Ruined My Life was pure joy I read it in one day I couldn't put it downThe only thing I would change about this book is the ending which of course I won't give away Still I enjoyed this book so much that I have Beth Pattillo's Mr Darcy Broke My Heart on my nightstand and I can't wait to read that oneIf you are a lover of Austen's novels as I am read this book It's a wonderful light fun story and one that I had to keep reminding myself was fiction I so wanted it to be true

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    I really wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book but since I had enjoyed the author's Betsy books I was reasonably certain I'd enjoy this oneI didn't just enjoy this book I absolutely loved it It was partly due to the fact that I adore Jane Austen and reread her books at least once every year The parallels the storyline took with Austen's novel plots was both poignant and surprising I'm sure I didn't describe that adequately but there it is There were several points at which I teared up with the poignancy of the story and other times I was gasping in surprise and delight It's rather a big deal for me to like a book I cried over because in general I hate books that make me cry Give me a suspense or a comedy any day over a women's fiction or literary book Life has enough pain that I don't care to be slugged with it in the pages of a novel But I truly loved this book even though it also made me cryThe heroine had a great backstory that made her very sympathetic She was extremely flawed and believable Her friend Adam was a bit bland but since the book is all about her and it's in her POV that didn't ruin the story for meThe ending was unexpected but I thought entirely appropriate considering what the message of the story was view spoilerEven though I'm a romance lover and normally I require a happy ending to the books I read it was refreshing to see a book with an ending that supports a woman standing on her own two feet first and showing a woman who doesn't put livelong love as a requisite for happiness The potential for love was there though and that was satisfying enough for meI would suggest reading Jane Austen's Persuasion before reading this book because some of the parallels with it both mentioned and unmentioned make it an especially powerful and romantic read hide spoiler

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    Pleasant little chick lit book Let's face it if one is a Jane Austen fan of any proportions one will read any damned thing with her name in the title I'm guilty I started the book on Wednesday evening and finished it on Thursday afternoon which gives you some sense of the complexity or lack thereofHappily the book doesn't foist a framework of an Austen novel or multiple Austen novels on the modern heroine's life Rather we have a charming travelogue of Austenesque locales while reviewing the somewhat intriguing life of our heroine named Emma natch It's no spoiler since it's on the back cover to note that Emma's left for England in the shadow of both a divorce from her philandering husband and an untrue accusation of academic plagiarism by the husband's lover and her own teaching assistant It's enough to make any Austentite worth her dancing shoes and belief in a happy ending cross the pondOnce in England Emma faces puzzles of the academic romantic and mysterious variety and the reader goes along for the ride It's a fizzy confection that goes flat upon reflection but it was a nice enough read I'd term this a perfect AIRPLANE READ because you could finish off the whole thing on a cross country flight then give it to your hostess or send it to a new home via Bookcrossing without having to shlep it around with you