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Offering A Refreshing Combination Of Accessibility And Intellectual Rigor, How To Interpret Literature Critical Theory For Literary And Cultural Studies, Third Edition, Presents An Up To Date, Concise, And Wide Ranging Historicist Survey Of Contemporary Thinking In Critical Theory The Only Book Of Its Kind That Thoroughly Merges Literary Studies With Cultural Studies, This Text Provides A Critical Look At The Major Movements In Literary Studies Since The S, Including Those Often Omitted From Other Texts It Is Also The Only Up To Date Survey Of Literary Theory That Devotes Extensive Treatment To Queer Theory And Postcolonial And Race Studies How To Interpret Literature Is Ideal As A Stand Alone Text Or In Conjunction With An Anthology Of Primary Readings Such As Robert Dale Parker S Critical Theory A Reader For Literary And Cultural StudiesDistinctive Features A Conversational And Engaging Tone That Speaks Directly To Today S Students Wider Coverage Than Any Book Of Its Kind A Rich Assortment Of Pedagogical Features Charts, Text Boxes, Photos, And Suggestions For Further Reading

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    Detailed descriptions and explanations of major critical schools I would recommend it both to students and to those teaching theory.

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    I really like this book and decide to buy this updated one for myself both for study and preservation, although i got one 2011 version from our university library It reads like professors are explaining the literary theories to you face to face, and with very impressive examples i also like the way the author expressing his ideas in a very friendly and humorous way The structural of the whole book is very clear.

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    This book covers a very broad spectrum of material, covering complicated and nuanced topics and concepts, and does so in a very readable and easy to grasp manner Critical theory is pretty heady stuff, and it will invite you think in new ways, but with this book you are less likely to be lost and frustrated This is the best single introduction that I have read, and beyond that, it is just a really good read I learned new things, and was also able to cement concepts I had been introduced to previously but perhaps without the same breadth This is really an astonishing work students should be happy.

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    Great introduction on various critical theories I liked the author s casual, conversational tone It made everything easier to take in I think he did a great job explaining every theory and this is one textbook I m going to actually hold on to for future references.

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    If you need or want to understand the major approaches to interpreting literature, including the practical application of that theory to a sample text, then this is your very readable resource Very highly recommended.

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    Helpful book for those trying to learn about Literary Theory for the first time We used it in my Literary Theory and Criticism graduate level English course.

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    This was a decent enough textbook, but man, it was boring.