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A Yaoi Romance Between A Good Boy Who Didn T Know He Was Waiting For A Hero, And A Bad Boy Who Comes To His Rescue Now A Hit Streaming Anime More And MoreKousuke Surprises Masahiro By Inviting Him Out On A Spur Of The Moment Road Trip And When They Arrive At The Hot Springs, Things Get Pretty Steamy As Masahiro Gets To Know How Deep Kousuke S Love Is For Him, He Also Begins To Wonder About What He S Missing, As Kousuke S Mysterious Past Tugs At Him Meanwhile, Dark Clouds Loom Over Asaya And Kensuke S Relationship This is one of my favorite manga s to read from beginning to end I always love each story from the main to supporting characters I enjoy them all but this story threw me for a loop I was and still am a bit confused as to why Masahiro and Hausuker were at odds with each other only to commit infidelity later on in the story With all that Kousuke and Masahiro have to face with the age difference, insecurities, jealousy and hiding the fact that their together add in the fear of being found out why throw cheating into the mix I love this couple and hope that infidelity doesn t come between them. This series is amazing And just keeps getting better Thank you Sensei Good read if I had not already watched the anime, I d be confused about this one character