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Once Again, Takashi And His Friends Are Without Shelter And On The Run The Group Gradually Makes Their Way To The Local Police Station, Where The Hungry Officers Within Give A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase Police Brutality After Tidying Up, The Team Reloads And Begins Their Search Of The Station Rei For News Of Her Father, And Saya For Information There May Be One Last Chance For Them To Get Out Of Town, But With Rei And Takashi S Parents Still Unaccounted For And A Throng Of Undead Standing Between Them And Freedom, Will The Friends Be Able To Make It In Time If you re at Vol 7 you already know the series and like it HOTD vol 7 follows the same story as before, providing interesting and realistic like situations in a zombie world, with the continued fun and flash as hot girls and our main gunslinger of awesome Kouta, continue to kick zombie butt The only downside to this volume is the fact that this the last volume in the series not because it ends or the series got cancelled, but because of a hiatus taken by the makers Once you finish this you ll get to join the rest of us who patiently wait for the next installment of the story So buy away and add another volume of a fun and beautiful zombie series to your collection. The only thing disappointing is that the series is on a hiatus right now, and if you read all the volumes before reading 7, you ll be grateful to see how things follow up in Vol 7 from Vol 6The book itself comes with a nice lil fold out poster type page with art of Saya, Saeko and Rei on it, unexpected, but coolThis only leaves you looking forward to what s next to come, if it does come, but that s not entirely a bad thing Before you even consider getting to this book, you have to read all the others If you ve read all the other books then you will not be disappointed at all The only problem is that Mr Sato is very slow in getting work on HOTD, and from what I ve heard, the next chapter comes out in late May It s a real bummer to anyone whose a fan of the series.Nonetheless, it is a good continuation of the series that leaves off at an epic cliffhanger, fans will not be disappointed In this volume, the group goes to the police station to try to find supplies, information, and Rei s dad They discover that a J alert is still active, and that there is going to be a one and only rescue at the Elementary school.Hirano is also close to snapping but doesn t thanks to his friends.They also go to the old neighborhood and find Rei s mom who has been locked out of the house by paranoid people.