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The sequel i outstanding The mystery flousrishes and the romance blooms The art is also amazing Sooyi Makes A Daring Escape From Her Husband Lord Ganok, The Demon Water King She Flees Across The Mountains And Once Again Encounters The Petty Thief Niroo Together, They Journey Towards The Dead City Where Sooyi Hopes To Find A Divine Artifact Powerful Enough To Slay The Water King However, They Attract The Obsession Of The Bandit Leader Looden He S Got A Score To Settle With Both Of Them But, Niroo Hides A Secret That Threatens The World Itself And He Must Risk Its Revelation To Save Sooyi Give to the Heart Volume 2 continues the story from the first volume The men are still barely wearing shirts, and the disturbing level of female domination seems to be increased here.Sooyi has managed to escape from her estranged husband, the god Lord Ganok Ganok is in agony, but Sooyi is bent on his destruction When she is aided in the wilderness by the strange man with glasses named Niroo that she met in the first volume, she accepts his assistance He is hiding something, and Sooyi seems oblivious to it Niroo seems to understand the technology of the world that has died When they run into one of Niroo s old acquaintances, a man named Looden, things get tense and dangerous Still Lord Ganok tracks his wayward wife Still she seeks the Dead City and the death of her husband, but you ll have to wait until the next volume to find out what happens.It s a romance title, so I can go with the men bearly wearing shirts, and the weird guy with the leopard print headband I guess I don t understand the fascination with a woman being captured and tied up and threatened sexually as romantic I let it kind of slide in the first book, but it s not for me The art is still good, and the story has some potential.I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Diamond Book Distributors, Netcomics, and Diamond Book Distributors in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel. affordable than buying the comics and faster access This is a combined review of Volumes 1 and 2.I ve read the author illustrator Wann s 100% Perfect Girl a few years back and although I had a love hate relationship with that manhwa, when I saw Give to the Heart on Netgalley, I immediately requested it because as much as 100% Perfect Girl made me rage about the characters at times, it kept me at the edge of my seat with it s soapy, angsty drama I knew that this was originally a webtoon so I was expecting this to be in full color like most webtoons I ve read and it was a bit of a disappointment that it wasn t I ve always enjoyed the author s illustrations though which is another reason why I was curious about this in the first place.Give to the Heart is very different from 100% Perfect Girl because unlike the latter s contemporary setting, the former is of a fantasy Years in the future, Earth has become primitive and three god like beings now rule the world with their extraordinary powers One of them is Lord Ganok, the water god.I really like the premise, it gives off that epic vibe, even though I know from the cover and from reading the author s previous works that this is of a romance fantasy I enjoy reading romance so this doesn t really bother me I also like that in order to figure out why the characters are the way they are, we have to slowly uncover the past as the story goes along The main characters, Sooyi and Lord Ganok, have a very complicated relationship and I ve yet to discover the reason why We also meet a few supporting characters but I can t really comment about them because I ve only read part of the story and I ve only really touched the surface of these characters.In fact, at the end of the second volume you re still not sure who s friend from foe there are still mysteries to uncover and characters to get to know In all honestly, reading these two volumes felt like reading a sampler of the book and it s a bit frustrating that I don t know when I can get access to the rest This is why I seldom read ongoing manga or manhwa I m definitely going to continue on though, because aside for liking the author s art, Give to the Heart is also very different from the author s past works and I would like to see where the story goes.Overall, I can never fully share what I feel for this graphic novel because I ve only read up till the second volume what I can say is I m intrigued of what I ve seen and read so far and I think that this graphic novel has a lot of potential.A copy was provided by the publisher, Diamond Book Distributors and NETCOMICS via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.