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I just completed reading Infinite Jest for the second time first time was about 12 years ago and I was looking for a book to plainly and clearly explicate the intricate story line and relationship between all the characters In my opinion, Elegant Complexity does an excellent job of this This book has helped me to understand better what exactly is going on in Infinite Jest, even after the second read The book essentially is a chapter by chapter analysis of Infinite Jest It does a very good job of teasing out the different plot threads and relationships between the characters, while helpfully highlighting the interplay between Infinite Jest and other literary works, e.g., Hamlet and A Clockwork Orange Some might find the book a bit tiresome, especially when compared to Infinite Jest itself But if you are looking for a well organized reference guide to Infinite Jest then I recommend it highly. Having made the commitment to tackle this opus, I found myself scouring the Internet after every chapter, hoping others had left a trail of breadcrumbs through the woods At about pg 200 and completely hooked , I knew it was time for a serious road map Carlisle s chapter summaries are wonderful he doesn t tell you what to think but rather highlights intriguing lines and phrases that you might have missed the first or fifth time through His chronology is indispensable No spoilers, but he brings recurring motifs and themes to the forefront so you re likely to remember when you see them again And let s be honest the greatest challenge and fun of reading IJ is remembering all the whats and whos I had already assumed I d have to read the book a second time to catch all the clues and references Thanks to this guide, I know where to look. I gave this five stars but of course this is because I m a major Infinite Jest and DFW fan For newcomers, I would suggest starting with his story collections and non fiction writings first to get accustomed with his style, Then start with his first novel Broom of the System to get a taste of what a DFW novel is like before diving into Infinite Jest Then you will find this book, Elegant Complexity by Mr Greg Carlisle very valuable for added insight and understanding on IJ. This guide to Infinite Jest justified itself alone by being able to string together all the uses of the color blue I had tacked Infinite Jest IJ this past summer and while I found it a wild ride, was left with several major questions Elegant Complexity did not spell out the answers, but helped me see the guide wires enough to find my own way through I was shocked at how large this guide was, it gave IJ a run for its money I would suggest using Elegant Complexity the same way I did, as a reader for those who have already finished IJ Elegant Complexity definitely improved and enhanced my enjoyment of IJ. Elegant Complexity Is The First Critical Work To Provide Detailed And Thorough Commentary On Each Of The Sections Of David Foster Wallace S Masterful Infinite Jest No Other Commentary On Infinite Jest Recognizes That Wallace Clearly Divided The Book Into Chapters That Are Thematically Unified A Chronology At The End Of The Study Reorders Each Section Of The Novel Into A Sequential Timeline That Orients The Reader And That Could Be Used To Support A Chronological Reading Of The Novel Other Helpful Reference Materials Include A Thematic Outline, Chronologies, A Map Of One The Novel S Settings, Lists Of Characters Grouped By Association, And An Indexed List Of References Elegant Complexity Orients The Reader At The Beginning Of Each Section And Keeps Commentary Separate For Those Readers Who Only Want Orientation The Researcher Looking For Specific Characters Or Themes Is Provided A Key At The Beginning Of Each Commentary Carlisle Explains The Novel S Complex Plot Threads And Discrepancies With Expert Insight And Clear Commentary The Book Is % Spoiler Free For First Time Readers Of Infinite Jest