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Crazy Hair is a fantastically fun tale written by New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman and illustrated by the astoundingly talented Dave McKean the award winning team behind The Wolves in the WallsIn Crazy Hair Bonnie makes a friend who has hair so wild there's even a jungle inside of it Bonnie ventures through the crazy hair but she may need than a comb to tame her friend's insane mane

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    Probably actually only four stars but this one gets points for not being horrible like extra points I feel bad Mr Gaiman you and I have been through some hard times recently and when you actually pull it off I think you deserve some propsAlso my mother didn't like this book and thought it was pointless and seriously? Points for weirding out my mom She was getting entirely too comfortable with your oeuvre So yeah The art's good there are tentacles involved the ending is nihilistically unsatisfying the best kind of unsatisfying and really you only lose points for thinking that crazy is a good sort of iambic pentameter word and it isn't Crazy Crazy Say it Crazy It's like not uite two beats long with that weird sliding z trailing into the y It just screws up the meter every timeSo yeah That part didn't work so much and so of course you overused it But you've committed worse offenses ie Blueberry Girl And you know you channeled Shel Silverstein without embarrassing yourself so we're proud of you Thanks so much

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    Yes Yes absolutely loved it 👏👏👏👏👏 Whimsical and lovely

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    A beautifully written and illustrated fantasy book for young childrenThis is a gorgeous children's book with rhymes by Neil Gaiman and art work by Dave McKean It is the story of young Bonnie who meets a fellow with some pretty wild hair Pirates bears tigers birds hunters and huge balloons live in this crazy hair She tries to comb it but gets sucked up into the hair by a bearThis is the type of book that would appeal to kids who have a wild imagination When my kids were young we went to the library all the time A place for so many wondrous books and stories to be discovered We read books daily My kids are now grown and in university I really miss those early days sigh They would have LOVED this wild story

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    The hair is waaay crazy uite whimsical and bordering on nonsensicalI'd prefer other art to go along with the words Some pages appeared a bit frightening and most were unpleasing to the eyeAudiobook CommentsThe audio is 3 minutes only three but it's read by the author which makes it a fun listenYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    I laughed out loud as I was reading this book at the sheer WTF ery of it all What is this?At first glance I was reminded of the film MirrorMask which makes sense since McKean directed it The illustration style here is well different I'm not sure how appealing it will be to children especially young children; this almost seems like a picture book that was written for adultsIn rhyming text we're told the story of Bonnie and her new friend with such crazy hair that it basically has its own ecosystem The text is pretty much nonsense although the meter is decent and the story is absolutely ludicrousI think this book is going to find its fans through the illustrations You'll either love them or hate them or want to seek therapy after seeing some of them The hair itself is photorealistic in many of the illustrations My skin started to crawl about halfway through the book and I pretty much shuddered when we were treated to an extreme close up of the strands There are some creepy eyeballs floating about carousel horses that look like they jumped out of a nightmare and figures so stylized that they almost look like drug fuelled hallucinations However there are some interesting touches as well such as Bonnie's changing t shirt the bear and the use of colourI'm not even sure how to rate this For me it's a memorable book though not for entirely positive reasons I'm sure there are people who love this kind of book the high rating on Goodreads is proof of this but I personally don't I'm not even sure I like it It's just a little too weird for me

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    Inventive outrageous imaginative in short crazy This rhyming picture book follows the story of a man with crazy hair and the young girl who is determined to 'fix' his unruly locks As the man explains just how out of control his hair is playing host to any number of creatures Bonnie counters with a comb Unfortunately for her or fortunately as the case may be the residents of the man's hair don't take well to being disturbedOnly the second picture book I have read from the prolific Neil Gaiman the first being Instructions Crazy Hair was an absolute hoot The rhyming text reads well Child Are you mad I cried Combs and brushes Have been tried Once was eaten By a bear Prowling through my crazy hair and would make an excellent story time selection while the surreal artwork by Dave McKean who has worked with Gaiman on such titles as Coraline and The Graveyard Book captures the madcap sense of fun of the text Recommended to all Gaiman fans and to anyone looking for picture books featuring a silly and wondrously imaginative sense of fun

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    Another strange and wonderful book by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean

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    Oh I came to this book with a lot of skepticism In fact I didn’t even have it on my to read shelf but happened to see it at the library I always want to love Gaiman’s books so much than I usually do I have “kind of crazy hair” and I really enjoyed The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School and so I decided to give this one a try tooWell it didn’t take long for me to become engaged The illustrations are unusual and really interesting and not as scary as I’d heard in my opinion I particularly love the cockatoos and the facial expressions of the lost hunters The story poem is very very funny The story and pictures work together wonderfully Ah I thought it was a woman not a man but I guess it is a man So I would have rather the crazy hair person whoever they are comb herhis own hair It could have been just as amusing and less creepy This is definitely a weird book but it is very creatively done

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    Ugh By now you should know that anything that starts with Ugh isn't remotely nice Both the story and illustrations felt nothing in comparison to what I've read of the duo before this book I have read and loved The Wolves in the Walls and The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish Brilliant story lines Just the right amount of creepyBut this nah Very meh The book is forgettable except for the last two pages If only it had been so all throughout SighAs someone being naturally blessed with crazy hair I am not impressed Yes Mr Gaiman 3 stars is how I shit on your books Make do with it

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    I love Neil Gaiman his crazy hair and what happens in there