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Country music’s greatest mullets bobs beehives and bouffants collected together in one entertaining volume illustrated with dozens of color and black and white photographsThe higher the hair the closer to godFrom mullets to mustaches and teased hair to bobs country singers each have their own distinct looks which enhance their performance and image Some wear hats and others wear wigs Some follow the trends and others set them Some have stylists on the tour bus and others rely on God and hair spray As Dolly Parton famously said People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair I don’t know I’m never thereAs country has grown in stature and popularity since the 1960s country musicians have evolved their music—and their hairstyles and fashion as well Industry insider Erin Duvall takes fans on a lively tour in this entertaining history that combines interviews with famous hairstylists and fifty of country music stars’ best ’dos including 1990s mullet king Billy Ray CyrusWhile business in the front and party in the back may be outdated today twenty years ago it was one of country’s defining styles In Country Music Hair Duvall tells a tale of the day the mullet died and the rumor of the strong emotional reaction from the Achy Breaky Heart singer’s young daughter Miley who desperately pleaded with him to keep his maneA fantastic and fun trip down memory lane Country Music Hair is a must for country listeners and pop culture fans

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    Did I just read a book on the history of Country Music hair? Yes I did and it was DELIGHTFUL I mean there is one whole chapter devoted to the mullet and why it even exists And I live for the shade subtly thrown at that one country star as to just what that hat or wig is hiding My only complaint and why I've only given it 3 instead of 4 stars is that it needed pictures Yeah 50 is a lot but really? Dolly Parton could be the subject of every single one of those pictures EASY

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    The higher the hair the closer to God Erin Duvall takes us through the history of the hairstyles of country music stars For bouffants beehives to the God Forbid mullet

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    Business in the front party in the backThank you Billy Ray

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    Country Music Hair ya'll Sorted by decade various styles and trends of hair for both male and female country music stars Bouffants long and straight slicked back with a curl 80's big mullets it's all here The accompanying narrative is sometimes a little unorganized and repetitive but I sure enjoyed all the pictures Some interesting tidbits within for example at the time he broke out as a songwriter in the 60's Willie Nelson was very clean cut wshort hair No braids in sight Also did you know he wrote Crazy for Patsy Cline? I did not know this Andanother cool thing I found this book at Dollar Tree A bargain and definitely worth that price

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    This is a delightful brief summary of the cultural trends and impact of country musicians hair If you are looking for an in depth cultural analysis this is not the book for you but it is a great introduction

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    Very uick read Kind of interesting to go through the ages of country music and their images

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    There are a lot of great photos in this book but it doesn't cover up the fact there are a number of proofinggrammar errors I wish the author would have conducted interviews with stylists and musicians The last two chapters felt like they were less developed than other chapters and uite frankly felt like they were just slapped on to make a page or word count Worth at least picking up from the library to flip through the pictures