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The Original CliffsNotes Study Guides Offer A Look Into Key Elements And Ideas Within Classic Works Of Literature The Latest Generation Of Titles In This Series Also Features Glossaries And Visual Elements That Complement The Familiar Format CliffsNotes On Fahrenheit Explores A Twenty Fourth Century World In Which Books Are Considered Evil Because They Inspire People To Think And To QuestionFollowing The Story Of A Year Old Fireman Who S Spent The Last Decade Destroying Books For A Living, This Study Guide Features A Graphical Map To Show How The Novel S Characters Relate To One Another In Addition, CliffsNotes Provides Character Analyses That Take You Deeper Into The Minds And Mechanical Workings Of Ray Bradbury S Famous Social Criticism Other Features That Help You Figure Out This Important Work IncludePersonal Background On The AuthorSynopsis Of The Book And A Look At Major ThemesSummaries And Commentaries On Each Part Of The BookReview Section That Features Multiple Choice Questions, Quoted Passages, And Suggested Essay Topics And Practice ProjectsResource Center With Books, Articles, And Websites That Can Help Round Out Your KnowledgeClassic Literature Or Modern Day Treasureyou Ll Understand It All With Expert Information And Insight From CliffsNotes Study Guides

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    CliffsNotes work well if one only cares about the summary, but everyone who wants to gain deeper insights in the Bradbury s great novel will sure be disappointed Even worse, e.g the characterisations are that bad, that students seeking for inspiration would not achieve a good grade I ve just read the characterisation of Captain Beatty and it is incredibly superficial and singleminded and does absolutely nothing to help me with understanding this complex character Another thing that bothers me about the book is the bad style of writing The author does not set a good example for students I m very disappointed and cannot recommend this book for anyone.

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    This is not Ray Bradbury s famous novel Rather, this book of the Cliffs Notes series provides background material, such as the authors biography, chapter by chapter comments for the novel, and review questions to test whether you really understood the text That is interesting in it s own right, but probably not what you expect when you order Fahrenheit 451.

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    I read Farenheit 451 many years ago and have Often mentioned that it is one of my favorite books I was discussing Farenheit with a friend and realized just how long ago it was that I first read it I thought the Cliff s notes might be just the review I was looking for and I was right Not only was it a good review but I also learned a a lot.

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    I bought this for my middle schooler in addition to the book she was required to read.It was very helpful to her on several aspects she did not grasp.

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    Useful to complement the book fora report

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    Cliff notes So helpful when I am tutoring students

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    Wanted to read before I read the book.