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A Joyful Year Of Language For Word Nerds, Crossword And Scrabble Buffs, And Vocabulary Builders Of All Ages For Word Lovers, Writers, Crossword Puzzle Addicts, Obsessive Readers, And Words With Friends Fans,New Words A Year Is The Essential Calendar From The Editors Of Merriam Webster The Bestselling Word Calendar Is Packed With Macaronic Words Schadenfreude Enjoyment Obtained From The Trouble Of Others , Hobbyist Words Spelunker One Who Makes A Hobby Of Exploring Caves , Melodic Words Tintinnabulation A Jingling Sound From Bells , And Each Entry Includes A Definition, Pronunciation Guide, Sample Sentence, And Notes On Word Origin And History On The Back Of Each Page This is a must have for anyone that s been in Spelling bees or studies linguistics Great words We love this calendar, but we have pretty big vocabularies, and some of the words are so bizarre you know you will never use them again I think the makers should stick to somewhat advanced words that a normal to above average person needs to know. i m loving using this everyday any way to sneak in education in extra, little ways is a win. Love this daily calendar I ve got it on my desk at work, and it s become the thing everyone talks about It s helpful for me to be able to see the date at a glance, which is why I originally bought it But it s been absolutely fabulous as a conversation starter